Come see Joey Sorris perform live

January 23

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Come and get live with you favorite rap artist

The Dream Tour

Friday, Jan. 23rd 2015 at 7:30-11:15pm

800 East Avenue NE

Atlanta, GA

Whats Are We Gonna Do?

7:00-Start letting in to the Event

7:30-The Performance Starts

10:15-10 Minute Break

11:15- Concert Ends


About the Artist

I was born in New York on January 23 1999 and lived there tell i was 5 thats when i moved to Georgia. I have one sister and a husky. I like basketball and rap music. My favorite rappers are B.o.B and Tyga. I like shoes. I want to go to UGA when I graduate but I am only a softmore in highschool. The person I respect a lot is Kanye West because he has designed some sick shoes and says what he thinks without fear of what people are going to think. When I am older I want to have a house in New York and a house in California. I am the only joey sorris on earth that has internet.


Round Of Applause ft. B.O.B by ReachRecords