The Southern Colonies

By: Isabel, Claire, Chase, Kara, and Michael

List each colony in your region, year founded, and the founder below.

  • Maryland was founded in the year 1633 by Lord Baltimore.
  • Virginia was founded in the year 1607 by John Smith.
  • North Carolina was founded in the year 1653 by Virginia colonist.
  • South Carolina was founded in the year 1663 by English colonist.
  • Georgia was founded in the year 1732 by James Oglethrope.

Give a brief description of why these colonies were founded.

The founders of the Southern Colonies were, for the most part, out to make money. Their main motivation was to make the good money the was available in the New American market.

List three geographical characteristics of each colony.

  • Maryland is about 250 miles long and 90 miles wide. It is bordered by Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and the Atlantic Ocean. Maryland's land area is 9,775 square miles and its water area is 2,633 square miles.
  • Virginia is 430 miles long and 200 miles wide. It's bordered by West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • North Carolina is 500 miles long and 150 miles wide. North Carolina is bordered by Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and the Atlantic Ocean. Its land area is 48,708 square miles and 5,103 square miles of North Carolina is covered by water.
  • Georgia is 300 miles long and 230 miles wide. Georgia is bordered by North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama , and the Atlantic Ocean. 57,919 square miles of Georgia is land and 1,522 is water.
  • South Carolina is 260 miles long and 200 miles wide. Its bordered by North Carolina, Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean. 1,896 square miles of SC is water and 30,111 square miles is land.

What role did religion play in the development of your region?

They wen to familiar looking churches, they believed that church should be an all day event. They had a mixture of religions as well, including Baptist and Anglican.

How did colonist deal with illness? Describe the economic conditions of the region.

Colonist used herbs to cure illnesses, they were believed to cure anything. When a child got sick their mothers would make home remedies, because they were bitter they added honey. The Southern Colonies were mostly agriculture. The main feature was a plantation. A large part of the workforce was African-American slaves, who arrived in 1619.