AVID Reflection

Martin Gomez 1/13/15 7th Grade

How did I grow as a student this semester?

The AVID strategies have helped me out tremendously. I've been able to do better in my core classes. I also have the ability to keep up with my school work and what we did in class.

Cornell Note-Taking

Cornell Notes have helped me get a better way to study and grasp the topics being taught. I have been getting tremendously better grades in Language Arts, a subject I've had trouble in the past. It has also helped me by getting to understand the notes because I wrote them, not the teacher.
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Writing Skils

The writing skills AVID has taught me has improved my writing drastically. I have been able to make essays and stories that have gotten me grades that I would honestly not expect me getting.(85-100!) I've also been able to write like a 7th grade is expected to write: staying on topic, adding details to support my point from the topic, and writing advanced level word, rather than using the mediocre words that are used.
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Organization has helped me keep up with school work and knowing where the work is instead of putting it in a random pocket that the binder provides. I hole punch papers that the teacher didn't hole punch so I know where I put it. It also helps me out by organizing homework assignments by date so I know I have to do the assignment that has their due date close.
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Public Speaking

When I first came into my AVID class, I was shy; I wouldn't want to talk in front of anyone, even if their was people I knew were there listening. Then, Coach Johnson told us what things are needed to be a good public speaker, such as, eye contact and speaking clearly. I still get shy sometimes, but I'm not as afraid of doing it; I kind of enjoy doing it now.
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Tutorials have helped me better understand something I don't understand. It's better getting answers from my peers because the teacher would just tell you the answer without explaining it, when my peers make me use my knowledge of my question and lead me to it without telling me the answer. It also helps me by getting past my issues with Language Arts by explaining what each part of speech does.
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TRF Forms

TRFs helps me go through the thinking process for a question I have. It makes me think thoroughly about it and dig deeper to my knowledge of it. I sometimes get the answer before I get to class because I remember information that I need to answer it and then I figure it out by myself.
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What will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

I will continue to do what I'm doing to grow in those areas because it's been going well. I will also continue to make TRFs that will assist me on exams, test, or quizzes. I will also keep organizing my binder so that I can keep track of my homework and know where each of my papers are located.