Grandparent's Day

Friday October 14, 2016

Grandparent’s Day will be on Friday, October 14, beginning at 9:30. We would like to invite the Grandparents to come back to our classrooms afterward with the students for refreshments. If you are interested in donating treats, please check the appropriate box, sign your name below and return to the teacher. This is a half day of school as well. As always thank you for your continued support!

In addition to the student program, we will be putting together a slideshow of pictures for the Grandparents to view before and during the program. If you would like to have a picture featured in the slideshow, you have two options:

1. Send a hard copy of the picture with your name on the back, and it will be returned to you immediately.

2. E-mail me a copy at and we will put it in digitally.

Mrs. McClintic

Mrs. Muxlow


Fruit Punch/Drink

Cookies/Cupcakes/Baked Goods

Healthy Foods (Fruit or Veggie Tray)

Plates and napkins