No Teacher Left Behind

Teacher Development

Combination of Teaching Methods

The U.S. need to make their requirements of the education system more clear and concise of what teachers are expected to know and conduct in each subject area. They should also focus more on preparing teachers and less on their academic preparation. More flexible structures of the initial teacher education should be combined and implemented to provide effectiveness. Teachers should be trained to become action researchers who offers their support to other teachers in order to help them improve the quality of their activities/lessons (OECD, 2011).

Teachers across the U.S. should adopt certain practices in order to become an effective teacher. They should incorporate great communication skills, have clear and concise instructions, encourage student engagement and individualized learning, distinguish a sense of humor, present positive feedback, allow peer-learning, and have a positive attitude about their job. They should allow themselves to be ready for change.

Thoughts on the Preparation of Teachers

Constant changes in technology makes it a bit difficult for teachers to stay on top of the changing world. If teachers are not able to access new equipment and software, then their training would have been for nothing. Time and money would have been wasted. However, this can all be avoided by simply adapting to the changing world.


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