Ivy's Environmental Interactions

Meeting nature can just change you Forever

All About Ivy

Being in Ivy Breedlove shoes is probably one of the most difficult spots to be in. Ivy is the person who wants to make her own decisions,but her family wants her to go in a another way of being a lawyer and not an historian. She is from Marion ,New York with her dad and her aunt Tib. The way she was at the start was having not much courage: “If I had the guts, I would have said. Can you just let me be who I am?” (22). She was always afraid to talk to people even her family at the start for being a historian in the future. Ivy was also very conscious on what others think and also being insecure.In one part she was thinking “I wondered what they’d say about me when I was older. I wondered what they would say about me now,”(29). She did have some flaws at the start, but achieved to get rid of them.

Interactions with Nature

Nature Impact 1

One of her first interactions with the environment was climbing the mountain full of snow. She was determined to find Aunt Josephine and survived through treacherous mountain tops. She built the courage and strength of traveling. She even knew that death could be the end result for her, but kept moving on. Although, something that was struggling for her was getting up the mountain, “My thighs were in agony from walking in the snow, but somehow I kept moving ,”(81).This is how much Ivy wants to find out about her aunt. Some of the dangerous and struggles Ivy faced were, “I struggled from my bag. It was impossibly cold.My breath looked like cigar smoke…,”(79). Even though that description wasn’t pleasing, she never quit. All the snow and mountain showed quality that she probably never thought she had.

Nature Impact 2

Her second interaction with nature that impacted her was when she was trying to feed the chickadee bird. Ivy’s determination brought her really far and beyond. Sometimes it felt as though her only goal in life was to feed a small chickadee bird, but it brought out here true confidence and compassion. She always said to the chickadee “”I’m going to keep standing here until you get the idea,’”(134). From this, you can really tell that when she has her mind set on something she never quits. It’s just like her determination for finding aunt Jo. She also kept thinking, “My hand was cold, but I was determined not to move or swallow,”(134). This shows how much this meant to her for just getting a chickadee to land on her hand. Her determination and self-confidence was constantly showing with her interactions.

Nature Impact 3

Lastly, one of Ivy’s big interactions with the environment was crossing the icy river with Aunt Jo and the wolf Malachi. She had to put Aunt Jo’s needs in front of her own becuase her aunt could of died.It was cold and windy crossing the bridge instead of letting her die she gave in all her might and helped her cross relying on the wolf, Malachi. She “Tried to muster strength and wisdom,”(156) which helped her never give up. One of the big steps she had to take was trusting the wolf because no one else was there to help. A big trait you could pull out of this was Ivy was always being resourceful and that is something very useful. She learned if a person is hurt they shouldn’t close their eyes of the might die faster. So she yelled “‘No Jo! Stay awake. She’s going to die!’” I screamed Jo barely moved when I said it ,”(159). Her words were trying to help aunt Jo stay alive. Her being the that environmental situation of not falling off the icy bridge and trying to comfort aunt Jo really showed a lot of traits she has that no one knew.