Super Star Club

School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS)

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Congratulations! You are KEY to assisting GBA achieve these important goals:

• assure a positive environment - giving & getting “respect”

• increase desirable, pro-social student behaviors

• decrease bullying, teasing, defiance, disrespect

• provide multiple levels of praise for the student, plus positive contacts with parents

• use the powerful element of “chance” and the excitement of a “mystery”

• use a research-proven, powerful intervention (tested for 10yrs by Dr. Bill Jenson)

HOW DOES IT WORK? 1st ~ teach your students about the Super Star Club and the school expectations and continuously reinforce them(:>

Give the Good Behavior (Super Star) Tickets as following:

to student(s) NOT in your classroom

anywhere in or around the school

anytime from student arrival to dismissal for these behaviors:

o following a school rule

o caring, being courteous, showing respect/ kindness, positive social skills

o safe behaviors (walking, hands to self, etc.)

o making a good effort, improved behavior

Hand the Good Behavior Ticket to the student and say something like “Congratulations! You’re a celebrity!” Give a positive gesture, high 5, etc.

Give enthusiastic, specific praise for what the student did or said.

Relate the behavior to a school rule, if possible.

NEXT: Direct the Super Star Student to the Vice Principal's Office at a convenient time.

The fun and praise continues...

What is in it for the Student?

The student:

  • gets lots of verbal praise from the Vice Principal's office
  • signs his/her name in the Super Star Album
  • receives a Super Star Certificate
  • chooses a prize from the Super Star Chest
  • pulls a number for their name to go on the Super Star Chart (behind indoor play area) “10 cards across, up & down, or diagonally =all 10 students get the Mystery Motivator."
  • has his/her parents called and told about their exceptional behavior
  • gets his/her picture taken and put on instagram and twitter

Need more information:

either contact Mrs. Kenya or go to the Behavior Folder in Drive and open the Super Star Club file.

THANK YOU ALL for being Super Stars and creating a positive school culture at

Global Bilingual Academy!