By Brenna Hipsher

Background Information

• Was born in 551 BCE in Qufu, Shandong, and died in 479 BCE in Qufu.

• He was born during the Spring and Autumn period.

• Birth name was Kong Qui.

• Born into a holy family.

• Doesn't have much information about childhood.

• His father died when he was 15 years of age, which made him spend most of his time studying.

• There is a book called "Records of the Historian" that is the more in-depth version of Confucius's life. (Although some find the story to be untrue/ mythical.)

• A lot of what we know about Confucius comes from the Analects (more information about that later), since his lifetime was so long ago and there isn't really anything to document that but the Analects.

What He Is Known For

- Confucius is a philosopher and a political figure who had his teachings put into the Analects, which was a book that he wrote for that purpose and so other people can learn from him.

At a time in China, the Chinese states that were beside the Chou Empire had started to damage the authority of the empire, and the regulations and teachings started to fade. Confucius then saw a chance for him to save the social traditions and cultures.

His Teachings

• His teachings basically revolved around discipline for yourself and the loving of others.

• His religion was also based on self-discipline and how you have to accept people's behavior and morals.

• He founded a school called Ru, which, based on the traditions in the Analects, gave him the name Confucius, which originated from Confucianism, which was what his teachings were called.

Philosophy of Education

• The philosophy was basically focused on six things called the "Six Arts". The first was archery, the second was calligraphy, the third was music, the fourth was computation, the fifth was ritual, and the sixth was chariot-driving.

• As a teacher, what really mattered to him was making his students live with integrity.

• In his teachings, his goal was to bring back the rituals and traditions to the Chinese society.

His Writing Life

• In Confucius's lifetime, he wrote many books, all of them being very important to the Chinese cultures.
• One of his books was called The Spring and Autumn Annals, which was about his beliefs. (pictured below)
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His Death and Beyond

• He died a year after his son died while battling, and when he died he did not think that he changed anyone by his teachings.

• He had a funeral, and after that, people mourned for a while to show how much his death impacted them.

• The people thought that he deserved way more credit that what he said he deserved, and his teachings will be remembered in the Chinese history forever.

His Impact Now

• Even today, there are people that spend their life studying Confucianism.

• Confucius may not have thought so, but he really did impact so many people with his teachings, even people nowadays.
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His life as a teacher was very sucessful and he achieved many things, including expanding other's minds with his beliefs.

Paragraph: What I Learned

• I learned about:

– Who he is and what he did.

– That he is a philosopher and has teachings, which are put in a book he wrote called the Analects.

– What the "Six Arts" are.

– He had a major impact on Chinese culture.

– He wrote some books about his beliefs, teachings, etc.

– That his teachings were based on self-discipline, loving others, and accepting people's behavior/ morals.