Labeling A GMF

Should There Be Warning Labels For GMF'S?


GMF and GMO are genetically modified food or organism. This process works by inserting foreign genes to the food or organism into their gentic code. Some examples of this is to help store or expand the "life" time of a food or organism.
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Pros and Cons of a GMF and GMO


  • Helps control the flow of diseases
  • Can maybe help cure some disease
  • Can grow faster then the norm
  • Climate doesn't effect the way the they grow
  • Cost less over time to make the foods
  • GMF is higher in nutrients


  • This process is not safe as fare as the product goes yet
  • This can cause cancer
  • New allergy outbreaks
  • Not the normal way of producing food
  • Presides in the food can cause super creatures
  • Can be recalled
  • Effects can be reversible

Should we have to label food as GMF's?

I believe that people should have that right to know what they are eating. Labeling will help consumers steer clear of harmful products. Also 21 other countries hare labeling their for foods so why can we? Majority of consumers believe that that their should be a a labeling policy on these foods. No one should have to worry about what they eat or at least let them know. These are just some of the reasons why we should have labels on GMF's

Some examples of GMF's