Comparing and Contrasting BB and RC

By Julianne Sulski

How they were similar

They both wanted to help the children. They would go to all ends to make sure they got the education they needed. Stacy would spend her own hard earned money on things that weren't required for the classroom, but she got it so they'll have a better learning experience. Mr. Clark would go out to all ends also because he would walk with the students and taught them 50 important rules they needed to follow their entire school wise career.

How they were different

Mrs. Stacy was different from Mr. Clark because she was more soft with everything, she wasn't as stern as mr. Clark, but she got her points across when she needed to. Mr. Clark would sometimes accidentally let the children get to him so he would explode and say things and do things that he shouldn't of and that he regretted.

Positive effects they're actions created

They have helped teachers world wide see the good things they have done and s whole lot of teachers want to be more like them because of their such well of an influence. Mr. Clark also has a school opened up for underprivileged students and works there and helps out so much there.

Negative effects they're actions created

I wouldn't say that there is any negative effects on both of their actions at all. They helped communities whit their schools, and they helped kids realize that they can achieve goals they set for themselves and they also helped family's, when they didn't think that their child wasn't capable of doing something, mr. Clark or mrs. Stacy would talk to them and prove to them that their child was a whole lot smarter than they thought and expected and proved them wrong.

Changes that occurred

Mr. Clark changed the whole schools perspective on that certain class. That class was originally the supposed "dumbest and wildest class" and by the end of his time teaching there they scored higher than the supposed "smartest class" on their state test. Mrs. Stacy changed the whole homeless shelter and part of the city because she made the parents have a different perspective on what she was doing and that she was not only their child's teacher but also someone more important than that.