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Mexico attacks Texas due to the actions of the Lamar administration. Raids are being led by Mexican general Rafael Vasquez on San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. President Houston orders government archives out of Austin in fear of them being raided, but is stopped by Austins own residents!
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Austin Citizens Fight Back?

Residents of Austin oppose this decision suspecting they will move the capitol to Houston. With this the Austin residents led by Angelina Eberly, rebel against Texas officials to keep the archives in Austin. They believe that for the sake of their town they must keep the archives instead of the documents being moved to Houston. The result of this conflict forced the documents to stay in Austin.
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Sam Houston

Your Fault

Because of this short conflict, Mexico used the distraction to their advantage and invaded Texas again, this time taking San Antonio. This enraged many Texans and somebody was going to have to take the blame. Some blame Sam Houston saying this was just him wanting to change the capitol to Houston. Others say it's the Austin citizens fault for attacking the soldiers. Whoever's fault it is everyone knows it was a stupid fight.

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