Ancient Egypt Project

By Ryleigh Hanson

How did social class affect people in Ancient Egypt

The pharaohs are gods so they can have total control over everyone. That is why they are at the top of the pyramid. Pharaohs can have a great life. Then there are peasants, they are slaves. They spend their life doing things for other people. Slaves have a terrible life.

How Did Each Important Achievement of Ancient Egypt Affect their Civilization?

They are known for their language which is called hieroglyphics. Instead of letters they used symbols. they are also know for The Great Spinx. The Spinx holds great Pharoahs.

How Did Advances in Agriculture Methods affect The Lives of Early Egyptians?

They build the irrigation system. Ditches and canals were build because if they were not build there would be constant flooding. The Egyptians would have to build their buildings over and over again.