East is East

Nazir's Wedding

Nazir's wedding

How do British and Pakistani customs and values clash in Nazir's wedding?

What are the expectations of parents and children?

Is there a way to mediate?


Imagine your best friend is getting married and you wish to help with the preparations. Think of what has to be arranged to make it a great day!

Preparing for Nazir's wedding

In the film, George's son Nazir is going to be married. Watch the film segment and compare the preparations for this wedding with the one you have imagined for your best friend.

Pay particular attention to the atmosphere and figure out how the impression is supported by the use of music and cinematic techniques.

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Creative Task

How do the individual characters feel in this situation? Fill in their thought bubbles.
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Capture Ella's thoughts in the given moment. Then imagine her reflecting on the wedding preparations in her diary. Before writing note possible topics she will include in a mind-map.