war of 1812

battle of new orleans

the Battle of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans happened after the treaty of ghent which signified the end of the war however it took a while for word to spread and 8,000 british troops attacked about 4,000 americans when the british attacked however they suffered over 2,000 loses while the americans only had 13.

Treaty of Ghent

The treaty of ghent was signed on december 24, 1814 on the treaty it stated that no country lost any land however the british kept on saying the phrase uti possidetis which basically means whatever land you control at the end of the war you keep. In the negotiation they said they wanted to create a state where the U.S. was trying to expand basically a buffer state to stop the americans from expanding we denied this in the treaty. While most of their claims were unreasonable we finally came to terms and signed the treaty.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was a general and a president of the United States he is known as a general because of the Battle of New Orleans which he won with only losing 13 men compared to the British 2,000

summary of the War of 1812

James Madison (our president at the time) declared war on Great Britain because they were impressing U.S. sailors to serve for them and how they supported native Americans after the Battle of Tippecanoe. The battle happened when a u.s. general went to destroy a Native American town but the native Americans attacked them by surprise but they held their ground and pushed the natives back. Many naval battles happened right after the U.S. declared war and the U.S. ended up winning most of them capturing 5 British ships and only losing 1 of their own but after Great Britain defeated napoleon they sent massive fleets over and the U.S. Navy was pretty much destroyed then they sent a force over to capture new orleans and split the United States of America in half. The battle of new orleans happened after the treaty of ghent which signified the end of the war however it took a while for word to spread and 8,000 british troops attacked about 4,000 americans when the british attacked however they suffered over 2,000 loses the americans only had 13.

Events for the War of 1812

  • 1. The Battle of Tippecanoe, considered the first battle of the War of 1812 happened on November 7 1811.

  • 2. America declares war on Great Britain after many complaints of impressment and Great Britain supporting the Native Americans this happened on June 12 1812.

  • 3. Nearing the end of the war the U.S. begins peace negotiations with Great Britain these begin in Ghent and started in August of 1814.

  • 4. The Treaty of Ghent is signed and agreed on by Americans and by the British the treaty was signed on December 24 1814.

  • 5. Andrew Jackson defeats the British at the battle of New Orleans after the treaty was signed the battle of New Orleans happened on January 8th 1815.

impact on different groups of people

Free African Americans served on the ships in the U.S. Navy and Oliver Hazard Perry an American commander complained about having Native Americans on his ship and another responded by saying “I have nearly fifty blacks on this boat and many of them are among the best of my men.” Oliver Hazard Perry later saw how well they did in the battle of lake erie and praised the men. For white Americans however living near big cities could be fatal, The British would come in loot their houses than burn the houses down, But after the battle of New Orleans many Americans felt pride in the country and this also greatly increased their confidence in America.

impact on native americans

Many Native American groups were affected by the war of 1812 the most well known one is the civil war with the Creeks some Creeks liked the U.S. and some didn’t and the people who didn’t were killed but the U.S. protected the Native Americans who liked them and went straight to their fort and killed the red-sticks that’s what the Americans called the Native Americans that didn’t them.

impact on the U.S.

In the beginning of the war of 1812 we had high morale and that continued until the British defeated napoleon. Then they decimated our navy and troops but we held on and everyone was happy when the treaty of Ghent was signed. After this war we lost many troops but the battle of new Orleans boosted our morale back up again.

impact on the U.S. economy

Our economy suffered and did great during this period when we introduced the embargo act although overall a major fail it did offer some good things like Americans didn’t have to compete with British goods that were being shipped out and into the market allowing for a booming economy. Later when the British blocked off our ports this stopped all of our trade meaning we got no money so we knew we had to end the war soon or defeat them in a major naval battle.

Technology invented during the war

We invented steamboats and steam trains during this war to help transport goods we also started making our first guns and before the war we started making boats that even made the British fear us.

key groups/people

In 1812 there were many key individuals including the war hawks who supported the war and tried time and time again and eventually we went to war these people were mostly young people who favored the war. Also there was Andrew Jackson known for being a general and winning the battle of New Orleans as well as becoming our 7th president and Tecumseh a native american war chief who favored the British and supported them.