Double Double Boil and Bubble

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I think the larger the pan the faster it will heat up because the pan will conduct more thermal energy and heat it up faster.
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Will different sizes of pans affect how fast water boils?


  • multiple pans of different shapes and sizes as listed below
  • width 6'' depth 4''
  • width 8'' depth 2''
  • width 8'' depth 3''
  • width 11'' depth 2''
  • width 11'' depth 5''
  • stove
  • water
  • lab notebook
  • thermometer
  • clock


I have five pans of different sizes and I am going to heat the same amount of water one at a time in each pan. I will never turn off the heat until I am finished and at the end of two minutes I will record the temperature in my lab note book.


  1. width 6'' depth 4'' -- 130°F
  2. width 8'' depth 2'' -- 130°F
  3. width 8'' depth 3'' -- 117°F
  4. width 11'' depth 2'' -- 115°F
  5. width 11'' depth 5'' -- 102°F
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My hypothesis was incorrect because the larger the pan the more heat goes into the metal. This means there is less heat to go in the water.

Further Questions

If I was to increase the time I wonder if the bigger pan does more of a curve if I gave it more time it will heat up the pan then be able to heat up the water.

Real-Life Application

Now I will use the smallest pan that will fit the size amount so it will heat up faster.