Women & Children on the Goldfields

by Stavro


In the early 1850 there was not many women on the goldfields.Only a couple of years later the women started to help the men to find gold but in the goldfields there was still more men. Some women still didn't help the men they cooked for them, they washed their clothes and looked after the children. Also some of the women danced and sang for them.

Roles and Responsiilities

Women on the goldfields were always doing different things. Some women mined gold with their husbands. Sometimes they brought their children to help them and to not leave them alone at home. Some women dug for the men and supported them by dancing in front of the men and children.


In the goldfields health was terrible. Diseases were common.They were common because people came from overseas and brought diseases and then the other miners then caught it and passed it on to their wifes and their children and it kept on going on. Some people were lucky enough to not get sick for 1-2 weeks. Also some children and women died from diseases like measels and other things. When women are pregnant doctors don't help only women do. It was common that a doctor was also the communities barber and dentist.

children and education

Children moved schools often and if there was no schools they would have to help their family. Parents kept moving to find richer goldfields. Often there was no schooling because there was no schools built. Schools were held in tents. The roof was made from a canvas material. If the teachers were late they would have to wait. Most children didn't go to school to help their family for money.
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