Gardener Notebook #2

The Honeybees

Our Project

We are growing the biggest, greenest, most epic lettuce we can by defeating the challenges of our environment. We are going to earn sponsors by doing exceeding work and going above and beyond. These sponsors could mean the difference between salad and no salad.

Update #2 4/21/14

Today, we've grown many small sprouts (15+) in our little garden. The little Simpson sprouts are healthy, green, and each are either 1, 1/2, or 1/4 of a centimeter adding up to around 8 centimeters of green, healthy lettuce. The challenge was originally a frost so we did some research and found that sufficiently hardening the plants will help them withstand colder temperatures. This means we would have to hold off watering them for a bit of time. But exposure to such conditions too long or too many times could seriously injure of even kill the plant.