Mother and Daughter

The Joy Luck Club

"Feathers from a thousand Li Away"

My favorite parable from Joy Luck Club is "Feathers from a thousand Li Away" because it teaches the reader about hope. A Chinese woman buys a swan before leaving China. A vendor tells that the swan was once a duck and became a swan. The woman plans to bring the swan to America and hopes her daughter will exceed all hopes in America like the swan has. However the swan is taken by immigration officials therefore the woman is only left with a feather. Although "this feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions"(Tan,17). The woman wants to give the feather to her daughter on the day she can speak perfect english.
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St. Clair Family

Ying-ying is a member of the Joy Luck club who is headstrong but rarely speaks her mind. Ying-ying had many husbands and sees the same problems in her daughters marriage (Lena). Later she recognizes her weaknesses and tells Lena.

Mother Knows Best

"A mother is best. A mother knows what is inside you"(Tan,139). This quote says that a mother knows what is best for someone or something. This is true because a mother can pass on her weaknesses or strengths to her daughter or son.
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Thematic Paragraph

In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the idea that sacrifice is necessary at times in order to obtain a happy life. For example in China life was hard during the war. As a result Suyuan Woo left China and moved to San Francisco but lost two of her daughters that remained in China. Jing Mei the daughter of Suyuan had a good life because of her mothers sacrifices. If Jing Mei's mother had not left China Jing Mei might have died due to the war time conditions.
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