Applying for your RCP certificate

Steps for the Texas Medical Board


1.) Go to the Texas Medical Board website, click on the tab that says "licensure", then click Respiratory care practitioner, and scroll down to the green link that says Apply Online – Respiratory Care Practitioners .

2.)It will take you to a log in page. Put in your valid email address and date of birth .
After entering your email address and date of birth click continue and fill out the application. (If you have no criminal history or prior mental health issues it only takes a few minutes)

3.)After completing the application you will be asked if you wish to pay by check or credit card. (If you choose check the total amount you will be asked to pay is $126.00, if you choose credit card the total amount will be $128.07)
You will then be redirected to the payment processing site. Follow the instructions to make your payment and then a receipt will be sent to the email address you provided.

4.)Now you must set up an appointment to have your fingerprints done. You may either schedule your appointment online by clicking on the highlighted link, and following the directions there. When asked for your MB ID # use MB-777777. Or you can call to schedule an appointment. The fee for this will be $41.25. If you have already had your fingerprints done following the directions Marby gave you, you can skip this step.

5.)Next you will be asked to provide a self-query through the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)/Healthcare Integrity and Protection Databank (HIPDB) You can do this by clicking on the link provided on the TMB website. The fee for this will be $5.00.

6.)You will also need to provide a certified copy of your transcript from the Respiratory Care Program and proof of identity ( either your birth certificate or a passport) You may send these documents to:

Texas Medical Board

P.O. box 2029

Austin, Texas.78768

7.)Once you have provided all documentation you will have completed the pre-licensure. The licensure analyst will contact you either through mail or the email address you provided if any other documentation is required.