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Mobile Continues to Drive Email Clicks

The percentage of consumer's who are accessing and responding to email marketing messages through their mobile phones are increasing over time. The author mentions an interesting finding that shows how much mobile revenue does iPhone and Android generate. Also, the author mentions findings from a benchmark report (Smith, 4 December 2015).

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Apple set to ditch headphone jack to make iPhone 7 even thinner?

Apple has been rumored to be likely to drop the headphone jack on it's future iPhones starting with the upcoming iPhone 7. Sources say that the reason behind this is Apple wanting to go even slimmer with the iPhones and removing the 3.55mm headphone jack is just a start. If so, the future headphone accompanied with the iPhone will have a Lighting port adapter just like the phone's charger's adapter (Paye, 1 December 2015).

Tags: Product Evolution, Apple, Innovation

How one Japanese startup tackles urban parking woes using smart poles

Japan has invented a new parking system that would let you book your parking spot from home and preserve it for you until reach destination. It also helps you to pay the parking fare through your phone easily and know for how long you are parking in this position. This is being implemented in USA too. (Y. Mitshaushi, 5 Dec 2015)

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Embrace next wave of new technologies

Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) need to start adopting new technology concepts in their business so they can depend less on the oil economy alone. To do that, SMEs needed to be educated about technology concepts. One of the most important concepts is cloud computing, which will result in getting less IT specialized people as it is easier to maintain than other host based technologies. The cloud computing capabilities can meet most of SMEs technological minimum needs and also result in a more productive business ( Cherrayil, 1 December 2015).

Tags: Information Systems, Information Technology, Operations Efficiency, Cloud Computing

These Eight PS2 Games Are Coming to PS4 Tomorrow With 1080p Graphics

After the announcement of Microsoft that the Xbox One will have a backward compatibility to play games from the previous generation, PlayStation announced that PS4 gamers will be able to play some PlayStation 2 games this week [You can view the list from the link]. According to the President of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) Shushei Yoshida, PlayStation will work out its best to satisfy the gamer, because PlayStation is a customer-oriented company. (Makuch, 4 Dec 2015)

Tags: Competition, Customer-Oriented, Customer Service, Sony, Microsoft, Information Systems

What Is Periscope And How Can You Use It For Business Video Streaming?

Perioscope is an online video streaming app, that was bought by Twitter in February 2015. The app creates a “broadcast” session and anyone who joins that session can see the user’s live session. After the session is finished, the application automatically saves the session to the users’ devices and the broadcast can be watched again and “liked” by other users for the next 24 hrs. After the 24 hours, the application automatically deletes the broadcast so it can leave room for more broadcasts to be saved. Perioscope can be used for a technique to gain visibility and more customer interaction for any business in any industry (Olenski, 5 December 2015).

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Microsoft's 'next billion dollar business' is launching today

Microsoft lunched a new service called PowerApps, which is a tool that allows developers and business to create custom application that can work on different platforms. PowerApp is aimed to help business pull information from different sources, without going through the trouble of writing complex codes for different platforms. PowerApp will also allow anyone to design and build their own application (Salater-Robins, 30 November 2015).

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