3-Dimensional Figures


What is a 3-Dimensional Figure?

A figure that has measurements including:

* Length

* Width (Depth)

* Height

Attributes of 3-D Figures

Types of 3-D Figures



Who Am I?

1. All my faces the same size and same shape. Who am I?

2. Two solids that have the same number of edges. Who am I?

3. I only have curved surfaces. Who am I?

4. All my faces are congruent. Who am I?

5. I have 2 flat surfaces shaped like circles. Who am I?

6. I have only 1 circular base. Who am I?

7. I am 8 verticies. Who am I?

Connection to STAAR

Which statement below comparing the figures is true?

A. Both figures have the same number of vertices.

B. All the faces of both figures are the same shape.

C. Each figure has a pair of opposite faces that are the same shape.

D. Both figure have 12 edges.

What fraction of the figures below have 5 or more vertices?


Manuel made these figures from poster board. How many faces do these figures have altogether?

Wendy notices these figures on a light fixture. How many verticies do these figures have altogether?