EU project:Hungary

The country that i did was Hungary.

description of Hungary's relation with the EU

The date that Hungary joined the European Union was in march of 2004

Hungary was not a founder of the European union

History of Hungary

Hungary was at one point part of another country back in 1000 B.C.E called the polyglot Austro-Hungrian Empire

Hungary is located in central Europe and it is northwest of Romania

Flag of Hungary

Below you can see the Hungry flag the colors of the flag are supposed to represent there coat of arms
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Capital of hungary

the capital of Hungary is Budapest 4 other major cities are: Eger,Peces,Debrecen,Gyor

attractions in Hungary place people might want to visit is the Budapest castle.people might want to go there because it is very cool to look at.

2.another place people might want to go is the fortress walls above the city of Edger.People wouild want to go there because the walls are very tall and intresting

3.another place people might want to go is the Esztrgom Basillica church.people might want to go there because of how big and tall the church is.

4.another place people might want to go is the hungarian parlimant.people might want to see that because the building is so massive it is very cool.

Geography of Hungary

here are some physical features of Hungary

The Balaton lake the Sio River

the Danube River The Tisza River

type of government and currency in Hungary

Hungary's government is a parliamentary Democracy

Hungary's currency is hungirian Forint HUF

3 interesting facts about Hungary

1.Hungary is smaller than Virgina but is the same size as India

2.Hungary's time zone is 6 hours ahead of Washington D.C.

3.Hungary's religion is mostly Catholic