Alcatraz-Mob of the dead


Alcatraz-mob of the dead

Alcatraz is found outside San Francisco as the military can use or go to Alcatraz whenever they want to send people who broke the law terrorist and far worse. Somewhere on top of a mouton on Alcatraz is a gold mind and they used the gold to pay for a hundreds of cannons and for food water cells and power.

Around 9:30 lights out to save power and a less for bills because Alcatraz had to pay around a Million dollars each 3-6 months. In 1962 June 11 there was prison brake Clarence Anglin John Anglin and Frank Morris wanted to leave Alcatraz with a raft. The FBI looked the case but nothing was found and cannot prove that the 3 men escape alive or died trying.

COD said four are second DlC lets make are zombie players on Alcatraz. COD was made from treyarch Activision and more. COD is a FPS and has made many games with the new game’s they are realising they have four to five DLC each time. For black ops 2 in their second DLC Alcatraz some call Alcatraz hunted some call a death wish treyarch said that’s great map for are Zombies players. Instead of three people escaping it’s four you play Billy Handsome Arlington the Weasel Finn o Leary Sal Deluca try to escape Alcatraz. They thought at night time it would be easy to escape as Weasel had a knife and fake being shanked as the Warden checked on Weasel then Weasel stab’s the Warden taking his keys and then letting Sal Finn and Billy Out of their cages.

Billy take’s the Warden’s privet collection and that’s when the zombies attacked. They all didn’t make that far Weasel run’s away from group and gets eaten finn made a run to the escape and then gets eaten billy and stayed together Sal lock’s billy and watch him die and then he died. But they didn’t die they found out that they had an afterlife. Weasel had a plan to escape Alcatraz alive but to that they must find 5 parts to craft a plan. Some ropes and poles for the wings T-shirt’s for the inside of the wings control vaults for controlling gas for fuel and the engine they must find all five part’s to escape while fighting hordes of zombies. The four hero’s find a random box in the warden’s office but to open the box they must have 950 point’s when they do a random weapons come out. Weasel got a gun called a ray gun hey did not know what it was or what it did it was strange to him. Sal Weasel Billy and Finn kept seeing these red dog heads paint on the wall they shot a zombie next to it. A dog called fluffy comes out to eat the zombie. Feed fluffy enough zombies and he’ll go away to new spot once you feed him three times’ you’ll get a tomahawk. Sal Weasel Billy and Finn found all five to escape when they took off. they crashed on the Golden Gate Sal Billy and Finn looked at weasel with a weird look weasel lied to rest of the group and that only got himself killed so Sal Billy and Finn killed them self’s with the electret Chair so are four hero’s died on Golden Gate. RIP

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