Roman Timeline

By; Sean & Katie

The Early Empire

  • 396 B.C Roma conquers the etruscans city of veii
  • 387 B.C The Gauls/Celts sack Roma
  • 218 B.C Hannibal leads the Carthage to attack Italy
  • 207 B.C Rome defeats Carthage's Hannibal at the Metaurus River

The Collapse of the Republic

  • 45 B.C Julius becomes the first dictator of Rome
  • 44 B.C Julius Caesar was assassinated.
  • 36 B.C Rome tries to invade Persia
  • 29 B.C Octavian returns to Rome

The Age of Augustus

  • 27 B.C Octavian appoints himself Augustus and founds the praetorian guard
  • 20 B.C treaty between Roma and Persia fixes the boundary between the two empires.
  • 17 B.C the theater of Marcellus
  • 14 A.D Augustus dies and Tiberius becomes emperor

The Reforms of Diocletian and Constantine

  • 284 A.D Diocletian becomes emperor
  • 303 A.D Population of Roman empire is 60 million
  • 311 A.D Galerius dies leaving Constantine and Maxentius to fight for the throne of the west
  • 312 A.D Constantine defeats Maxentius, becomes emperor of the west
  • 337 A.D Constantine dies

The Fall of Western Roman Empire

  • 430 B.C The Roman empire signs the first peace treaty with huns
  • 476 B.C Odoacer disposes the Western Roman emperor, this terminates the western Roman empire
  • 488 B.C Emperor Zeno sends troops to conquer Italy
  • 493 B.C Emperor Zeno conquers Italy