Ms. Kilar's Class

Friday, March 20, 2015

Battle of the Books

Battle of the books ends this week. Students should have read a minimum of three books in the last two months. Our classroom Book Battle will be Monday morning. The winning teams from each classroom will battle it out on Wednesday afternoon!


This week in reading students focused on reading nonfiction texts about animals and their adaptations and environments. Students then worked on taking the information from those articles and writing an essay about animals and their environment.


Students learned about literary essays. We read a few examples of literary essays. Students also started reading picture books and are working on identifying the theme of the book and supporting examples. They will be writing literary essays on these books


This week in math students learned different strategies to find the factors of a given number. They learned several divisibly rules to help them determine factors. We also learned about common factors.

Homework: Lessons 5.2 & 5.3


This week in science students researched the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars, and used the app educreations on their iPad to create a presentation about their findings. We also worked on some engineering skills this week that included thinking of a problem that could be solved by using energy. Students came up with a problem, drew a model, and thought about challenges, constraints or limits for their products.

Social Studies

In social studies this week we learned about public policy and the government's role in creating public policy. We studied the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which made toy manufactures phase out lead paint in toys. Students read several newspaper articles and took a side whether or not small toy companies should have to follow the law. We also wrapped up the week starting our new unit on the Midwest region.

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - PE
  • Wednesday - Library/Music
  • Thursday - Art
  • Friday - No School

Upcoming Dates

  • March 23- Classroom Book Battle
  • March 23 - Make up swimming date - students will need suits and towels
  • March 25 - 4th grade Book Battle
  • March 27 - April 6 - No school - Spring Break