Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

April 24th, 2015

Important Dates

Fun Run Pledges Due

Monday, April 27th

PARCC testing

April 29th and 30th

Spelling Test

Friday, May 8th

PTA Fun Run

Wednesday, May 13th

Battle of the Books

Friday, May 22nd

No School - Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th

Looking for Volunteers

Help wanted for: America’s Battle of the Books!

All fourth grade classes at Conley are participating in our Battle of the Books competition on Friday, May 22. This game show format will demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge on the books they have read. We are in need of a few parent volunteers to act as “team guides” in order to help teams follow their battle schedule that day. Due to the way the teams were created we can’t guarantee that you will be with your child’s team. Lunch will be provided after you are done with the students. If you are interested in helping from 8:20am-12:00pm, e-mail me and let me know by May 1. In your e-mail include if you are planning on attending the luncheon. Thanks in advance for your support with this worthwhile reading incentive program.


Hi! My name is Jack. Today I will be telling you about math. We are learning how to turn a fraction into a percent. We learned two ways to turn it into a percent. One way is to take your numerator and divide it by your denominator and press the percent sign and you get your percent. Another way is to divide your numerator divided by your denominator and times it by 100. Both ways are used with a calculator. I hope you enjoyed this newsletter article. Do you know what percent is equal to 3/4?

Language Arts

This week in reading we are comparing and contrasting. On Thursday we compared our story with another story and wrote similarities and differences. On Friday we took our weekly reading test and after we did something to practice next week together. Also we have been working really hard on our battle of the books. This week we started to read a different read loud its called Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Also a battle of the books, Running Out of Time is by her too. This week was really fun in reading.

By: Olivia

Social Studies

This week in social studies we are learning about the three branches of the government. They are the Legislative branch, Executive branch, and the Judicial branch. We have to fill out a packet of information about the legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch. The legislative branch's job is to make laws. The judicial branch's job is to evaluate laws. And the executive branch's job is to carry out laws.

By: Amanda


This week in Gym our class did the shuttle run and push up test. A day ago we did rock climbing, cup stacking, and jump roping. Today we did peaceful playground where we played playground activities. We did champion ball, four square, jump roping and hop scotch. My favorite activity this week was champion ball, because it is fun.


Hi parents! So in art this week we are making molas. Molas are kind of like shirts that Kuna women wear. So first we started with a brown piece of paper and started doing the border. Real molas there is no border but our art teacher wanted us to have a border. Then you work on the inside which should be signs of nature or animals in the rain forest. Then when you're done you should outline in sharpie the vocal point and your border, and you color the whole thing in plastic crayon. Today parents I dare you to draw your best fish then show your child. Have Fun!

By: Allison