Thomas Nast

speaks through his cartoons

early life of Thomas Nast

He was born on september 27,1840 in Candau Germany. He studied art when he was a child and then became a cartoonist for Harper's weekly. He supported the union during the civil war and exposed the working of criminal mastermind boss tweed.


Thomas Nast is best known for his attack on the political machines of William m Tweed in New York City in the 1870's. His cartoons were mostly virulent attacks on Tammy Hall led by boss tweed. His cartoons were one of the chief factors in the machines down fall. Thomas Nast kept writing about boss tweed and his friends and what he was doing wrong and eventually boss tweed ended up in jail.

Tweed and Thomas

Thomas Nast


Thomas Nast found a way to tell the people what tweed did not by talking about it but by saying it through his drawings. It helped because the people saw that he really didn't care about them and only wanted power and money to take over the world and Thomas saved them from being tricked.


Thomas Nast accomplishments are he got rid of tweed so that he wouldn't destroy the world and he became the father of the American cartoon. He also took down the tammany hall political machine and boss tweed. Lastly he was associated with Haper's weekly. Those are Thomas Nast's accomplishments.