By Daniel Vo

When was the bushranging era?

The bushranging era started in 1790 and ended at 1880

What part of Australia did bushrangers operate?

Some of the bushrangers operated in Victoria and most of them operated in Australia.

List 10 famous bushrangers

They are Mary Ann Bugg, Locky Taylor, John Caesar, Martin Cash, Clarke Brothers, John Francis, John Dunn, John Gilbert, Ben Hall, Patrik Kennif.

Were bushrangers always "bad"?

No because Ned Kelly saved someone from a pond and had tea with a manager of a bank and his wife, and they never meant to kill anyone.

What did bushrangers do?

They attacked numerous places eg: banks, carriages, shops, bars (pubs) and homes. They shoot the air or someone to threaten people and steal lots of cash.