Cape Verde

Culture Verde

The People

People that live in Cape Verde speak Crious ; is Portuguese, Afrain and other languages. 80% of thee people are Roman Catholic and another 12% is Protestant. The rest belong in other groups. All day long they would clean. They would bathe and cahnge their clothes several times a day.

Life Style

Their famlies are very large; they met their mate in high school. Dates are going to the beach, dancing, movies, and having a good party. lots of these couples live together instead of getting married. when they do have money to have a wedding they will likely to have one.

Customs and Courtesies

A females give and get a kiss of greeting someone. Well, the males have a ferm handshake. Unlike the USA ,Cape Verde people face there palm toward the person their greeting and curl their fingers down. That is waving to them. When two or more people are talking, you need permission to walk throw them.


Cape Verde is a poor country; only two- third of the people are considered wage earners. Most of Cape Verde is road/ street. Hardly any housing. In their houses the have tv's and radios.