By:Alexandra Audrey Grace Hall


The Iroquois settled in different parts of north America witch include present-day Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Quebec, and Ontario and they settled in a villages when they where in all the places they where in North America .They settled in those places because there where lots of trees and animals and there was lots of wood to make fires and build houses


One part of their culture is to fish to get bones from fish to make hooks. Farm to get food to eat. Hunting because of the deer they shoot with bow and arrows, they strapp bear and beaver,they snar rabbits, ducks, and Greece. They build their houses out of elm bark.

They believed in Sky woman and Mother earth because they believed they grew their plants too.

What their none for

They are most none for the things they make out of wood, Clothe, and beads. They are most none for how they moved around north America too