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Abby Costache; Editor-in-chief

America The Promised Land

SOVEREIGN STATE - A promised land to many that left all they had to come and live a better life, leaving all their possessions behind and unknowing that they could be sent back to where no hopes or dreams grew. Ellis and Angel Island. A new start to many but a disappointment to a few. Where families were split apart or destroyed if they were unable to pass the inspection (literacy test and medical exam) and sent back to where they first started. The process could take as few as five hours from weeks to months. In some cases immigration was limited to certain countries and in some the immigrants were denied citizenship.

Their troubles did not end there. They had to face the rest of the American population that was not very welcoming to immigrants. They had to live in a certain area of town called tenaments that were an infestion and infection breeding groud with poor living conditions and no processes to clean waste products. Immigrants were willing to work for less money and longer hours stealing American citizen jobs that added to the hatred some Americans had for them.

Although not all were against them, the social gospel belief held the idea that religious faith should be expressed through good works and that churches have the moral duty to help solve society's problems. They aided them in starting the Settlement House Movement that provided immigrant services, english classes, job-training courses and social activities or gatherings.

All immigrants had to face very difficult times; leaving everything they have ever known to being seperated from family was a real challenge. But some were able to pull through all the trials and tribulations and come out stronger than before, succeding and making a name for themselves, finding success, not succumbing to the competition or the pressures of life.

North Carolina Daredevils

1903 the Wright Brothers tested their airplane and made the first successful powered flight by man at Kitty Hawk. The planes wing span was of 40.3 feet, the engine had a total of 12 horsepower, and did not have an advanced way to turn right or left. Their father partially disagreed with his sons and he once said, “It is impossible for men in the future to fly like birds. Flying is reserved for the angels. Do not mention that again lest you be guilty of blasphemy.” But the Wright Brother did it, and the Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawks now commemorates their achievement.

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The Bully Puplit

WHITE HOUSE - A depicted in the cartoon Theodore Roosevelt's "bully pulpit" publicized many of the important issues that were created through industrialization. He sought to better many conditions that much of the population was exposed to. He tried to seek support and create multiple acts to better the policies already standing. Progressivists; is just what Roosevelt was, they're refromers that addressed many of the social problems that industrialization created. He desired to make a better environment and country by exposing horrible situations to the public to gain their attention towards that certain dilemma.

Our Friendly Neighbours

TAMPICO, MEXICO - Nine of our men from the USS Dolphin disembarked their boat at the Port of Tampico, right then and there they were sentenced to jail for life or possibly execution. After learning of who they were, the Mexican government released them hastily and apologized. Although President Wilson was not pleased at all to hear this news about the capture and threats they held against his men, he demanded that the Mexican Government was to send them a formal apology, a 21 gun salute. Mexico turned that offer down flat and even shared some impolite and insulting words. President Wilson was enraged and angered at the thought that a once "friendly" neighbour could turn out to be so ignorant and uncivilized, so he confided in Congress and they authorized armed forces against Mexico. Keeping them contained and under the radar with President Wilson's policy of "watchful waiting". Which was certainly attained by America cutting off German ships that were loaded with weapons and machinery headed towards Mexico. The port city of Veracruz was held captured and occupied for six months under the command of President Wilson, which really strained US-Mexican relations.

Texas' Popular Cattle and Trail

The Chisholm Trail is known as a cattle trail leading north from Texas, across Oklahoma, to Abilene, Kansas. Many of the cattle travelled through the trail which quickly became the most popular route for driving cattle north from Texas. With low cattle prices in Texas and the much higher prices in the North and East, it encouraged many Texas ranchmen to drive large herds north to the markets, where they would be shipped on the Union Pacific Railway to their destinations. The state still has an extremely large cattle population that is estimated to be near 16 million.
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The Domino Effect

IN FLANDERS FIELD WHERE THE POPPIES BLOW - Many Slavic people were nationalists, which caused and created rebel groups to rebel against the Austro-Hungary Empire. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand caused a domino effect to start a war within the already bubbling Europe. With Kaiser Wilhelm II's militarism it made other big powers feel uneasy or want to join Germany, so multiple alliances were made. With Germany's thirst for land, imperialism, they took over Belgium on August 4, 1914 and because Great Britain made a pact with Belgium, to protect them from invaders, they declared war on Germany. All in the 'Triple Alliance' and 'Triple Entente' that made an alliance with either Germany or Great Britain followed suit joining the war and mobilizing their army, and very soon all of Europe was dragged into the "Great War". The treacherous four year war was a constant fight back and forth, trying to advance to no man's land and then retreating to the trenches that resulted in an almost constant stalemate. Trench warfare saw new faces at the battlefield; strong and heavy tanks, efficient machine guns, the newly invented airplanes, and finally the deadly and horrific poisous gas.

The Sedition Act

HOMELAND - A law passed by Congress that made it illegal for citizens to "utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal or abusive language" criticizing the governemnt, flag, or military. This Act was one of the first laws that violated rights against the 1st Amendment. The Act did not allow free speech but some saw it as being beneficial and protecting America, so other countries would not think otherwise of the United States, that they only provide help to make them look more powerful, or to protect American plans from spies seeking to destroy them. As it says in other propaganda "bits of careless talk are pieced together by the enemy", speaking disloyally towards America could reveal certain secret plans that would ruin America if revealed.

Green Mountains of Vermont

The Green Mountains State, where you'll find fall foliage, renowned maple syrup, and the most snow on the east coast. The Green Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountains that extend for 250 miles from north to south through the center of Vermont, with a maximum width of 36 miles. Many of the peaks rise above 3,000 feet, but the highest peak in Vermont being Mount Mansfield at 4,393 feet. The seasons will change and with that, so does the landscape and recreation, bringing in a multitude of tourists to ski, snowboard, hike, camp, etc. With every season there are new opportunities to explore and try something new.
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The Girl Next Door

HERE AND THERE, FAR AND WIDE - The flapper lived the flamboyant lifestyle as the 1920's girl. Disagreeing to many aspects of the traditional lifestyle, their differences brought many changes to the 20's and the years to come. The non-traditional lifestyle and society that they lived in was more layed back, daring, open minded, and prepared to do crazy things or the unthinkable. Short-bobbed hair, revealing arms, shorter dresses that exposed the ankles, as well as lower leg, found at speakeasies usually dancing or smoking, was the sultry style they donned. The flapper had a charismatic attitude towards life that was put on display with the choices she made and the traditional lifestyle she left, yet once lived. Many women left the house to join the workforce and/or receive a degree or education, making them very independent and unconstrained. Some would argue that giving rights to women and allowing them to work would make the United States appear weak, but it actually encouraged other women in different countries to pursue the same goal, inspiring many.

He Swung His Way to the Big Leagues, it's The Sultan of Swat

As his former teammate Joe Dugan once said, “To understand him you had to understand this: He wasn’t human.” Ruth was one of the initial five players to be drafted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was an incredible player on the field and was the first player to hit in excess of 30, 40 and 50 homers in one season. In the 1927 season, he swung 60 homers. Ruth was very inspiring to a multitude of people and was big believer on never giving up, some of his most famous quotes, "never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game" and "every strike brings me closer to the next home run" all showed Babe's true colors and look on life.

Arizona, Home to One of the Seven Wonders

Became the nations 17th national park in 1919, being 277 miles long, its widest point 18 miles across, its narrowest point 4 miles across, and around 6000 feet deep, it's the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River runs right through it and has been eroding its steep sides for many years, the different types of rock visible make it an important site for geological research. Known for its colorful landscape, it is a popular attraction where some people usually hike, raft, or camp in the shadows of the canyon.
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