NCA Extended Care

November 2021


I love fall! It has always been my favorite season. Every year, my family goes to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and other décor for our porch. We take a hay ride and sip on hot apple cider! We come home and make pumpkin bars. More importantly, we spend time together and enjoy God's beautiful creation. I know this year will look different for our family, but we will still do what we can to keep some of our favorite traditions.. I love the change Fall brings. The leaves are changing color, it's getting darker earlier (Which helps with bedtime routines!) There's just a rhythm and routine that Fall brings to us that I am so grateful for. I love experiencing Fall to its fullest, and I love that the Lord is taking delight in our experiences. God is with us for the little moments and the memories that will last a lifetime. Ecclesiastes 3:1 - "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Mrs. Angela Leyba

Early Learning and Extended Care Director

Important Dates to Note:

For the month of November - Our All Day Care will be available from 7:00 AM to 4 PM.

November 12th - ALL DAY Care Available

November 22nd and 23rd - ALL DAY CARE Available

November 24-26th - NO CARE Available

Toys from home

We respectfully ask that your children do not bring personal toys or electronics to Extended Care. We are not able to replace items if they go missing. Thank you for understanding!

Space Camp (November 12th)

Adventures in Space will be happening on November 12th! Your child will get to explore space through various crafts, books and a movie. For all day camps, please make sure to send your child with 2 snacks and a healthy, robust lunch!

PJ's and Stuffies (November 22nd)

On November 22nd, your child is invited to come in their PJ's, and bring one favorite stuffed animal with as well. Your child is also welcomed to bring a sleeping bag, or pillow and their favorite book! Please make sure any books from home are labeled. Please make sure that your child's pajamas will work well for using the bathroom, and going to recess.

For all day camps, please make sure to send your child with 2 snacks, and a healthy, robust lunch!

Cooking Camp (November 23rd)

On November 23rd, your child will get to enjoy cooking camp! From a blindfolded tasting experiment, to making a recipe or two, your child will get to enjoy being chef for the day! If you have signed your child up for all day care on this day, please let us know if they have any food allergies.

For all day camps, please make sure to send your child with 2 healthy snacks and a healthy, robust lunch!

Things to bring to extended care:

We are delighted to partner with you and support your children with tackling homework at Extended Care. Please remember to bring:

  • Homework - Please have your child bring their spelling list and Bible verse too! We are happy to help them work on these!
  • AR Books - if your child doesn't have any homework to do, we will encourage them to spend some time reading.
  • Pencils.
  • A Healthy Snack.

Come on in!

Parents are welcomed to come into the extended care building! Please come into the main extended care room, and we will direct you to the appropriate zone to pick up your child.

Ticket System

You may have heard about your child getting tickets and purchasing items from our store! Here is how your child can earn tickets:

  • Coming to Extended Care = 1 ticket
  • Participating in homework time = 1 ticket (This varies based on grade level, for a kindergartener, they can earn a ticket for practicing writing their name, a 3rd grader can earn a ticket for practicing their spelling words)
  • Reading AR books or Bible = 1-3 tickets (based on how long they are reading for)
  • Various jobs = 1-3 tickets (this could be something like helping clean up a table, or for our older students, it might be helping a younger student with reading)

What do we do at Extended Care?

Each day, after school, we offer:
  • Snack Time
  • Recess
  • Homework/Reading Time
  • Free Choice Play

Classroom Store

We have opened up a classroom store, where students can redeem tickets they've earned for small prizes. If you would like to donate to the cause, we've attached a classroom wish list. Thank you for your generosity! We are so grateful for the donations we have received.

Items can be sent to: Northshore Christian Academy

C/O Christian Klumper

5700 23rd Drive West

Everett, WA 98203

Extended Care

Extended Care Supervisor: Christian Klumper

Extended Care Director: Angela Leyba