Jewel Wasp

The Ultimate Parasite

Where does it live?

The Jewel Wasp can be found in South Asia, Africa, and some Pacific Islands

How does it feed?

The Jewel Wasp is know to feed on cockroaches and caterpillars

How does it Reproduce?

The Jewel Wasp's "Parasite" qualities are shown in this step of it's life. To reproduce the Jewel Wasp finds a cockroach and attacks, using her stinger to inject paralyzing venom into the roach's abdomen which paralyzes the roach's legs long enough to put its stinger into the head of the cockroach, doing what is like mini-brain surgery. The Jewel Wasp injects paralyzing venom into the cockroach's brain turning it into a temporary zombie. Then the Jewel Wasp leads the happily following cockroach to a borrow and lays its eggs inside of the cockroach. Then the Jewel Wasp buries the cockroach inside the borrow, while the cockroach is eaten alive from the inside out by the Jewel Wasps developing offspring.

Host Choice

The Jewel Wasp will only lay its eggs inside of cockroaches

Special Adaptation

The Jewel Wasp's special paralyzing venom is an adaptation to help with reproduction.


The adult Jewel Wasp is about 22mm long