Persevering to Success May 2016

By: Arivu Kapoor

What is Perseverance

Perseverance is working harder when you think you can't work harder and everyone is saying you can't do it. The people in this newsletter are Winston Churchill, Fracico Bucio, Eric Lagrand, Lerroy and Dartanyan. The purpose of this newsletter is to show people that persevered to success.

A description on Eric Lagrand

Eric LaGrand was a very good college football player, but after a big hit he inflicted on a opposing team member he had fractured his c3 and c4 vertebrae. He was paralyzed from the neck down and had a 16 hour surgery. He is now in a wheelchair and he cannot walk at the moment. Since he has had his injury he has been persistent and resilient. Since he had this injury the football team he played for has retired his number (52), he has also brought many people together with this injury.
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Eric LaGrand (Above)

Problem Solution for Tom Monaghan.

Tom Monaghan has had lots of problems in his business, Dominoes. He has declared bankruptcy in the first few years after starting his business. Since he became overwhelmed in debt the only solution he had was to pay out $20,000 to his partner for his share of the business. Then his partnership began to crumble when things looked the worst. So his partner, Jim, sold half of the business to him for a 1959 Volkswagen beetle. Tom remained optimistic and kept making pizzas Then he got a new partner that opened up 2 more stores in the summer. A few years later his partner wanted to dissolve the partnership. So Tom's lawyer said to declare bankruptcy and start again. Business started to get better, too good to be true. In fact, a devastating fire had wiped out his anchor store. Tom started over again and had grown dominoes into the business it is today and triumph overwhelmed him.

Tom Monaghan (Below)

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A Compare and Contrast on Lerroy and Dartanyan

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A Sequence of winston Churchill's Life

Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874, In 1899 Winston became a POW (Prisoner of War). Then again in 1899 he escaped prison and became a war hero, around that time he also became a famous author. Next in 1917 he was given the position of Minister of Munitions. In 1918 he was given the position of Secretary of State for War and Air.On September 3, 1939 , Churchill was asked to become the first Lord of Admiralty.On July 15, 1945 Churchill resigned his seat as Prime minister. January 24, 1965 is the date Winston Churchill died.

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Winston Churchill (Above)

Francisco Bucio Cause and Effect

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What do we learn from Perseverance?

We learn how to never give up and how you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. This helps us a lot in daily life because it gives you a morale boost. Also it helps you allot because you get an extra boost saying you can do it.