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March Edition

End of 3rd Quarter

Friday, March 26th marked the end of the 3rd Quarter. This school year continues to fly by! Hopefully, your child has submitted any missing assignments to their teacher(s). Teachers will be working to finalize grades.

3rd Quarter Grades will be available to view in

Parent Portal by April 9th.

Spring Break March 29 - April 2

There will be NO live classes and NO asynchronous days March 29 - April 2nd due to Spring Break 🌴. Please encourage your child to take the time to get some rest, relax, and enjoy what is supposed to be really nice weather, because when we return from Spring Break, we will be entering the 4th quarter and racing to the finish line and end of the school year 🏁.

Return to School

If you have elected to have your child return to school, we look forward to welcoming them back for in-person learning. If you have elected to have your child remain with virtual learning, we will continue to provide instruction with minimal disruptions in their already normalized schedule. We ask that you remain flexible and patient with us as we continue to work through planning and logistics in an effort to ensure a safe learning environment.

Cohort Calendar

All secondary schools will begin April 8th on Cohort B. Please note this is a change in what has been previously communicated.

Secondary Calendar

(Remainder of Year)

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Town Hall Meeting April 6th

We will be having a special town hall meeting for ALL families on April 6th. Regardless of whether you have signed up to return to school for in-person learning or not, we want to make sure that all families attend this information session to learn about the updates and hear important information as we close out the school year with a return to in-person instruction.

6:00 - 7:00

Zoom Link:

(PASSCODE: 843830)

What to know for.pdf

March Habit Highlight Winners

Our Habit Highlight for the month of March was: COURAGE. Each team of teachers has selected one student from their team that they felt exemplarily demonstrated the habit throughout the month. COURAGE is defined as: having the mental or moral strength & will in the face of extreme difficulty.

🎉 Congratulations to this month's winners 🎉

🔦✨April Habit Highlight 🔦✨

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AP of The6

I am here to support your child in any way that I can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns that you might be having. We are on this journey together, and no matter the challenges, we will get through them.

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