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ClassDojo Events are HERE!

Now families can be engaged like never before! Share events on Class Story, and ClassDojo will send out reminders for you. That means less work for you, and families will always remember.

Check out this link for how to create a classroom or school event.

RCS TV Online

The district technology department is beginning the first phase of rolling out live tv channels to all schools. You can access the four live channels now by going to and logging in with your email username and password.

Once you are logged in, scroll over Menu and select Live Channels. Currently, we have available four channels. We would like to hear back from you on your experience. We are looking to add more channels in the near future.

iReady News, Tips & Updates

Help Students Own Their Learning

It’s that point in the school year—you’re halfway through, holidays are over, and state testing is approaching. It’s an important time to keep kids engaged, but teachers may be facing new challenges in doing so. Research shows students are more likely to be engaged when they track their own data and reflect on their learning.

Encourage the use of data trackers to keep students engaged in Online Instruction.

Respond to Online Instruction Data

As students take online lessons, you receive real-time data about their strengths and areas for growth. Creating a weekly routine for monitoring and responding to this data allows you to respond quickly with support. Use the Online Instruction Action Plan to help guide your work.

Use the Action Plan to plan next steps.

Spice Up Engagement Strategies

Are you starting to notice students getting distracted or disengaged? It’s important for teachers to keep their engagement strategies fresh so students continue to actively participate. Share the engagement recipe card with teachers to help them plan new activities that have been proven to work.

Share this recipe card to encourage fresh engagement strategies.

Connect with Families

When you partner with families, you make them part of their child’s learning and progress toward growth, making students even more successful in the class. Take the time to share student data with family members and discuss ways they can support at home. Use data chats to support these conversations.

Have data chats with parents to invest them in their child’s progress.


Available March PDs

For a list of this month's available PDs, click HERE!

Potty PD


If you're having trouble opening Flipgrid from the Nearpod Potty PD, please click on this button or download the Flipgrid app for access.

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