The Bully

By Paul Langon

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This book is about a boy named Darrel who moves to California. Darrel gets bullied by the biggest bully at Bluford High Tyre. He meets a girl named Amberlynn that he likes but the bully likes her too. Darrel meets a boy named Harold. He joins the wrestling team and beats up Tyre. Darrel then feels conferrable at Bluford High.

Character Analysis

Darrel is a weak boy from Philadelphia. In the story he thinks he is a nobody.

In the middle he joins the wrestling team and gets a lot stronger and taller.

At the end of the story Darrel beats up Tyre and has more friends than he thought.

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Paul Langan

Paul was born in Philadelphia in 1972. Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his mother to southern New Jersey. In 1991 he went to Camden County College and a year later transferred to La Salle University. While at La Salle, he became a prison tutor, and found "the courage" to write.

He has served as editor of the series and author of five of the ten novels, The Bully, The Gun, Summer of Secrets, Brothers in Arms, and Blood Is Thicker. His stories reflect personal experiences. Including the difficulties of growing up with no father and many challenges students face in school.

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Book Comparison

The Dork Diaries is similar to The Bully because, the main characters move to the school they are at in the book. They don't quite fit in ether. At the end of the first book of both series they have a bunch of friends. They both have a school wide bully too. They differ because the main character Nikki doesn't stand up to the bully (Mackenzie) Darrel stands up to Tyre.
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Dork Diaries Rachel Russell Book Trailer

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