News from Class 3

Newsletter #17

From the Classroom

This past week the 3rd grade class learned about wool. Thank you to Jenna for supplying the wool back in 1st grade! It came in very handy! The students had the opportunity to card and to learn how to use a drop spindle. I have included some pictures below. If your child brought home their drop spindle, please make sure they return it on Monday. During this week, I told the students about the 10 Commandments. They are very interested in the thought of God giving rules, and began having conversations about how hard it is to follow these commandments. We will be coming up with our own classroom commandments, this week. Also, this week will be our last week in our Fiber Arts block, and I will be teaching the students about linen.

Thank you to all the parents that took time out of your week to attend the parent evening. You were great sports learning the song! We had a great conversation about media and the development of this age. If you missed the meeting, please have a conversation with somebody who was in attendance. The information is very important.

1/2 Days

Please remember that this week is our Parent/Teacher conference week and school lets out at 12:45 everyday. If you have not signed up for a conference, please find a time so that we can meet. I am expecting to meet with each family.

No Strings Wednesday

Due to a 5th and 6th grade string ensemble, 3rd grade will not have strings class on Wednesday.

No toys etc. from home

Please check your child's backpack and remove any items not allowed at school. There are students still bringing toys and such to school.

Come see...If you can

Third Grade Strings classes will present a short demonstration of their semester work on Wed. Feb 3.
This 15-min performance is open to parents, grandparents and close family friends. 12:00-12:15p. After the performance the students will return to their classroom with Ms. Radzat and Ms. Albers will speak to parents about the next step in strings study.


We have a couple cases of lice. Please check your children and keep your student’s hair tied back.

From our handbook:

*Please Note: Students may return to school following use of a recommended lice treatment. Be sure to notify your child’s class teacher and the office. The office can supply you with information that outlines safe treatment and effective, non-toxic eradication procedures.

My family uses this program:


On Monday, your children will be bringing home their homework folder. It is important that they do not loose this folder! The children that have two households need to have the help of their parents to remind them to keep their folder in their backpack and bring it back to school every Monday. The children will have homework every night. If you set up habits of when, and how they use their time, you will lay a strong foundation for the later years.

This week we are adding reading along with our music homework. The students are required to read ALOUD every night for 20 minutes. Some students have been told that they can read for 10 minutes ALOUD, and then have their parents read to them. After the students have read, they will write one sentence in their reading log. Homework is due back every Monday.


It's very cold in the mornings! Please have your child wear a warm jacket. Warm hats are also appropriate, now that winter is here!