The Mystery of the Haunted Boxcar

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Reviewed by. Maddie grade 5

The book the mystery of the haunted boxcar is about 4 kids that live with their grandfather. they also have a boxcar in their backyard that they put there when they moved in. The youngest kid named Benny spots a light that looks like a ghost in the boxcar one night. he goes and tells his siblings but they don't believe him at all. Next morning they meet the neighbors friend and she is an expert at boxcars but the kids don't know why. She wants to check out the boxcar and they let her and she likes it a lot and thinks it looks great. The following night the kids are playing in the boxcar and the discover something strange in the boxcar. A secret compartment! So Henry gets a screwdriver and pryed it open. Inside the compartment was a doll. The doll also had a note in the dress pocket, it said...

I recommend this book to people that love mystery books for kids in elementery school. Also I recommend this book to people who like big suprises at the end of books.

My opinion on the book the mystery of the haunted boxcar is that i think it is a very good mystery book and it wasn’t confusing at all to me. Also the ending of the book was my favorite part because it suprised me very much and it was a huge excitement to finally know what happens at the end.