History Block 4

From the “Caudillos” to the Institutions (1920- 1982)

The growth of industry and field problems

  • With the passage of time inequality increased domestic market
  • The income earned from the sales of these products abroad provided important resource for industrial development
  • After 1940 the government reduced the share of work in the field.

The demands of workers, peasants and middle class

The working population of the country participated in a revolution to create a new government to improve working conditions and quality of life.

The formation of the union supported the workers' demands.

In 1960 increased the dissatisfaction of political freedoms and the demands of workers.

In the mid 1960s a period of several groups that transformed the country into pure

violence began.

During Gustavo Diaz Ordaz government protest was created for abuse to students.

On several occasions the government managed to control protests through agreements and negotiations.

Unemployed peasants migrated alone and sometimes with their families, went to big cities or the United States to seek employment and better quality of life.

This caused in the seventies the demand for public services such as drinking water, electricity and drainage.

At the same time delay and conditioned political loyalties credits.

Many farmers practiced agriculture for the necessities of life

Between 1970 and 1982 the government attempted to attract disgruntled groups through forgiveness