Michael was not the only one!!

About Prisoner of Cell 25

This is a science fiction book written by: Richard Paul Evans

The main character of the story is Michael Vey. He has an eye twitch which is from his electrical powers that he got from an experiment. He can run through electricity and he can shock people. He is in 9th grade and he has a friend named Ostin who is really smart. There is this girl he likes named Taylor Riley who is a cheerleader who later on in the book tells Michael that she has the exact same powers he does.


There is an evil scientist named Dr. Hitch who knows that Michael and other kids have these powers and he is trying to figure out how Michael survived the experiment. Hitch tries to kill Michael at the end of the book and Taylor tries to help Michael.

What will Happen?

Dr. Hitch tries to brainwash all of the kids and take them prisoner. Michael and Taylor escape without being brainwashed and some of the other kids escape. They form an alliance and fight against Dr. Hitch, but eventually Hitch escapes, which is where book 2 begins.

Book Trailer- Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans