Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

April 28th

What is going on?

Math: Students will be exploring subtraction using larger numbers. Each day students will review a strategy and apply the strategy by completing a problem of the day.

Reading: This week, we will be taking the RRISD Language Arts Benchmark. The remaining of the week we will be diving into folktales and fairy tales. We will be comparing and contrasting tales while focusing on theme and the moral of the story.

Writing: While taking the RRISD Language Arts Benchmark, students will be assessed on writing a composition and how well they can revise and edit a written text. For the rest of the week, students will continue to practice the writing process by writing personal narratives.

Social Studies: This week, we will Identify factors in the environment, including temperature and precipitation, that affect growth and behavior such as migration, hibernation, and dormancy of living things.

Sight Words: buy, fire, hat, high, more, right, same, thank

If you would like for them to practice reading comprehension before next week. has a ton of free resources.

If your student has redo's please have them rework over the weekend. Please turn back in to me on Monday.

Dear Parents,

During the week of May 2 and 3rd, students will take the District Math Benchmark. This benchmark is created by the district and covers all of the units taught up to this point in the school year. The Language Arts Benchmark has two parts and will be given over the course of two days, so attendance is critical during the week of administration. Beginning next week, students will review all of the skills covered up to this point in the year. This assessment will be a great reflection of the students’ knowledge and understanding of second grade language arts concepts.

Thank you in advance for making sure your child is at school on time.


The Second Grade Team


May 3- Last book order due- Summer Reading??

May 4- Early Release at 12:45

May 9- Campus Closed to visitors due to STARR

testing. No parent volunteers on these days.

May 10- Campus Closed to visitors due to STARR

May 11- Campus Closed to visitors due to STARR

May 20- Track and Field Day

May 31st End of the Year Party

I have the best helpers! Thank you ladies!