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May 19, 2023

Greetings from Pastor John

Hi Church,

This Sunday we are continuing our series on Romans. We will be in Romans 12. This is a real shift from higher levels of theology to practical levels of what our belief is actually supposed to produce in us.

Romans 12 thought the rest of the book provides some excellent resources for how to live our Christian lives.

See you Sunday to do just that!



Pastor John recommended this Podcast

In light of hearing some great stories of faith from people in our church I wanted to pass this along. It is an interview with Molly Worthen. She has written about religion for her whole academic career but always as one who is skeptical. But over the years as she pursued the idea of Christianity, she found herself drawn to the person of Christ. She gave her life to Jesus about a year ago and it has changed everything for her.

The interview is 90 minutes but it is worth your time if you can spare it.

Evangelical History and the Power of the Resurrection - Molly Worthen
and also season 2 episode 10

Prayer and Praise

May 17-24, 2023

Praise the Lord for the many godly Christian mothers and grandmothers who were honored at FAC last Sunday. Praise the Lord also for Robin Eger’s message to the church.

Praise the Lord for the wedding of our Office Manager Amy Pelletier’s daughter this weekend in New York. Pray for safe travel for all those that are gathering.

Praise the Lord for our high school & college graduates. Pray for them as they enter a new phase of life.

Praise the Lord for Betsy Myer’s nephew, Jacob’s safe return from the hospital to his home in Papua, New Guinea.

Pray for health and wisdom for Dawn and Linton Libby in PA.

Praise the Lord for our Faith Foundation Christian Education Program as we complete the semester this Sunday.

Pray for the health concerns for both Dave Coccia’s mother, Palma and Michell Haley’s mother, Rhea.

Pray for the families who have lost loved ones on this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Praise the Lord for those who sacrificed their lives to secure our freedoms.

Pray for the health concerns for both the Dave Ciardi and John Tonelli families.

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Family Discussion Starters:

How did the sins of Judah’s kings affect the people?

Why is it important for us to pray for our leaders?

Because the punishment of our sin has been taken from us and paid by Christ, we listen to God’s Word with softened hearts as we proclaim God’s patience and righteousness to others while there is still time for them to repent.

• HEAD: What place does the warning of judgment need to have in our sharing of the gospel of Jesus with others?

• HEART: What are some ways you need to address the obstinacy and sin in your own heart?

• HANDS: What will you do this week to show the kindness of Christ to the hard-hearted?

The Last Day of Faith Foundations for the summer is May 21, 2023

Faith Foundations will resume on September 10, 2023

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