Miss Williams' Newsletter

A little bit of second grade...

Spelling Lists

I have moved our spelling focus to basic words our student should be able to spell by this point in their educational careers based on the phonics they have studied. Students are being asked to spell words that they should know by sight and understand in their reading fluently. I feel that this skill will increase our writing needs instead of lists just based on memorization for the week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Valentine's Card Exchange!

Our Valentine's exchange will be this Wednesday, February 10th. Please make sure your child brings in a card for everyone in our class if they are going to exchange any cards.

No school this Friday, February 12th or Monday, February 15th!

My Math Class

We are beginning the wonderful world of Multiplication Fact Memorization! Our goal is to have our multiplication facts mastered through the 12's table by May! We can do it! Your child will be bringing home a letter with more information about our "Scoops" this evening for you to sign. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Choosing the right book with your child

Reading at home is a vital part of a student's education. We see so many students blossom into readers when they find a book or series they love. Half the battle is getting there and I totally understand that. We have so many great resources here at our school to help your child find a book they would love to read. I love to get students hooked on a series or a new author. So, please... don't hesitate to ask! :)

This article is also a great read for finding a great book for your child! http://www.readwritethink.org/parent-afterschool-resources/tips-howtos/help-child-choose-book-30320.html