Newsletter 2 Term 4

Onerahi School Friday 25 November 2022

Te Karere o te Tumuaki/Principal's Message

Kia ora e te whānau,

What a fantastic day the Te Whanga Festival was and our new canopy certainly proved its worth. It was a fabulous opportunity for our schools to get together and showcase their learners in Kapa Haka. Unfortunately it is looking like the pool is not going to be available to us for water safety this term after all as we are awaiting the pool man to give it some tender loving care. The weather has not proved suitable for water activities so lets hope that improves very soon.

Over the past couple of weeks teaching staff have been attending paid union meetings to consider the governments offer for the next round of their collective agreement for pay and conditions. Teachers have covered each others classes so there has been no disruption to our community. The main feature of the claims is about improving resourcing to allow students to reach their potential. This includes lower teacher-pupil ratios, increased staffing and management to allow teachers and principals to meet current demands, access to teacher aides, counsellors and specialists. The primary sector is asking for similar resourcing as secondary and currently there is a significant difference. At the moment I can only imagine the difference we could make for our tamariki if we were resourced the same way as secondary schools. We would very much appreciate your support as this campaign moves forward as your children will be the ones to benefit.

Senior tamariki are looking forward to their camps and it is not long until our final assembly on the 16th of December. It will be wonderful not having to worry about the weather! You will also get your children's end of year school report on that day and your family will receive their complimentary yearbook. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy reading about the terrific experiences your tamariki have had over the year .

Ngā manaakitanga

AnnMaree MacGregor


Year 4-6 Athletics

On Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 17th we held our annual senior school athletics competition. We would like to acknowledge the big efforts made by all of our students, and thank our staff for their mahi in making this event happen. It is no small feat in a school our size.

There were a total of 7 events held including Discus, Shotput, Long Jump, High Jump, 80m Sprint, 100m Sprint and 300m Sprint. Those who placed in the finals of these events have been given the opportunity to represent Onerahi Primary at the WPSSA tournament next week. We wish them all the best of luck.

Certificates are being made and will be presented to all the place getters in our finals. Well done to you all.

80M Sprint Y4 Boys: 1st = Louie Lovelace, 2nd = Pauly Williams, 3rd = Riley Couchman

80M Sprint Y4 Girls: 1st = Skylah Platts, 2nd = Dani Hampshire, 3rd = Ariah Wilson

80M Sprint Y5 Boys: 1st = Joel Mann, 2nd = Chase Johnson, 3rd = Te Whana Rewha-Puru-Tate

80M Sprint Y5 Girls: 1st = Mia Scheele, 2nd = Hazel Owen, 3rd = Macy Waterhouse

80M Sprint Y6 Boys: 1st = Rune McQueen, 2nd = Monty Hall, 3rd = Markus Rogers

100M Sprint Y4 Girls: 1st = Siobhan Bowling, 2nd = Amelia Morris, 3rd = Skylah Platts

100M Sprint Y4 Boys: 1st = Louie Lovelace, 2nd = Riley Couchman, 3rd = Grayson Leech

100M Sprint Y5 Girls: 1st = Mia Scheele, 2nd = Macy Waterhouse, 3rd = Hazel Owen

100M Sprint Y5 Boys: 1st = Joel Mann, 2nd = Dominic Scheele, 3rd = Tyler Osborne

100M Sprint Y6 Girls: 1st = Chanlle McCready, 2nd= Reina Crisp, 3rd = Honey (Raurimu Ave)

100M Sprint Y6 Boys: 1st = Rune McQueen, 2nd = Monty Hall, 3rd = Max Moyse

300M Sprint Y4 Boys: 1st = Louie Lovelace, 2nd = Jarryd Lomas, 3rd = Grayson Leech

300M Sprint Y4 Girls: 1st = Amelia Morris, 2nd = Ariah Wilson, 3rd = Julz Paul

300M Sprint Y5 Boys: 1st = Joel Mann, 2nd = Tyler Osborne, 3rd = Caige Tito

300M Sprint Y5 Girls: 1st = Macy Waterhouse, 2nd = Carley Clarke, 3rd = Abigael Wilson

300M Sprint Y6 Boys: 1st = Monty Hall, 2nd = Rune McQueen, 3rd = Flynn Browning

300M Sprint Y6 Girls: 1st = Chanlle McCready, 2nd = Reina Crisp, 3rd = K'Lyss Hamilton

High Jump Y4 Girls: 1st = Dani Hampshire, 2nd = Ariah Wilson, 3rd = Amelia Morris

High Jump Y4 Boys: 1st = Jarryd Lomas, 2nd = Matthew Simmonds

High Jump Y5 Girls: 1st Equal = Erin Kervell and Lilly Mills

High Jump Y5 Boys: 1st = Joel Mann, 2nd = Ryan Xu

High Jump Y6 Girls 1st equal = Chanlle McCready, Llayla Gray and Reina Crisp

High Jump Y6 Boys: 1st = Monty Hall, 2nd = Jordan Liddell, 3rd = Rune McQueen

Discus Y4 Boys: 1st = Sarvag Shankar, 2nd equal = Jarryd Lomas and Ethan Hacker

Discus Y4 Girls: 1st equal = Taimania Wensor and Hana Utai, 3rd equal = Riley-Autumn Turner and Shiloh Petrie

Discus Y5 Boys: 1st = Te Whana Rewha-Puru-Tate, 2nd = Kymani Pepene, 3rd = Kayne Turner

Discus Y5 Girls: 1st = Mia Scheele, 2nd = Nevaeh Tana, 3rd = Lilly Mills

Discus Y6 Boys: 1st = Jordan Liddell, 2nd= Xavier Hanham, 3rd = Rune McQueen

Shotput Y4 Girls: 1st = Hana Uta'i, 2nd = Dani Hampshire, 3rd = Kaydence Kemp

Shotput Y4 Boys: 1st = Jarryd Lomas, 2nd = Ethan Hacker, 3rd = Machado Walker

Shotput Y5 Girls: 1st = Mistdema Gavin-Heta, 2nd = Sasha Kilgour, 3rd = Ebenezer Uta'i

Shotput Y5 Boys: 1st = Te Whana Rewha-Puru-Tate, 2nd = Kymani Pepene, 3rd = Joel Mann

Shotput Y6 Girls: 1st = Hailyn-Jade Swanson, 2nd = Honey (Raurimu Ave), 3rd = Emma Gurnell

Shotput Y6 Boys: 1st = Rune McQueen, 2nd = Ceezar Witehira, 3rd = Jordan Liddell

Long Jump Y4 Boys: 1st = Riley Couchman, 2nd = Patrick Dearn, 3rd = Jamie Grant

Long Jump Y4 Girls: 1st = Julz Paul, 2nd = Siobhan Bowling, 3rd = Taimania Wensor

Long Jump Y5 Boys: 1st = Joel Mann, 2nd = Dominic Scheele, 3rd = Tyler Osborne

Long Jump Y5 Girls: 1st = Mia Scheele, 2nd = Samiya Watkins-Miscall, 3rd = Abigael Wilson

Te Whanga Festival

On Thursday the 24th of November we were delighted to host roopu from Parua Bay and Whangarei Heads schools who participated alongside us in the Te Whanga Festival. Family and friends gathered to watch the amazing performances which the weather could not put a dampener on. There was kai available, and it was a great opportunity to come together and celebrate culture through performance. Additionally our students were presented with some great learning opportunities. Check out the awesome word find created by Sirius Te Wake, pictured to the right.

Kokonga ō Kirsty - Kirsty's Corner

Kia ora e te whānau,

It is a busy time of the year in the Library.

A couple of things that are happening:

Firstly I would like to invite you to our Book Fair, running today Friday the 25th of November, Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th next week. We have books, posters, puzzles, craft sets, stationery and more. Come and buy your Xmas presents and support our school Library! Open from 8:15am to 3:15pm, Eftpos available.

Also our annual stock take is coming up. Please hunt around for all your school Library books and return them by the 1st of December.

Kirsty Oliver

Librarian/Resource Co-Ordinator

Ka Mau Te Wehi

Lucas Perry continues to excel in his Karate. At the recent Northland Open he scored double bronze medals in his Kate and Kumite challenges. Well done Lucas.

From the Board /Ngà Poari Kaitiaki ō te kura

We are delighted to announce that we have made a selection to fill the casual vacancy on our Board. Welcome aboard James Gamble, a familiar face to many, father of Tenaya and Lexah. Additionally our board has chosen to co-opt Amy Kirk (mother of Lucy) and Simone Chandler (mother of Havyn) for a 1 year period as they bring extra skills to the board we look forward to utilising. Our board is now complete and we look forward to working together in the governance of Onerahi Primary School.


if your child will not be returning to Onerahi Primary School l in 2023 (other than transitioning to Intermediate) and you have not let us know, please get in touch asap.

If you have a child who will be starting at Onerahi Primary in term 1 of 2023 and you have not yet completed an enrolment form, please pop in to collect one from the friendly staff at the office or phone to let us know.

Passing on Messages to Students

We would like to request that any after school plans are discussed with your children before they arrive at school.

We cannot guarantee that any messages received after 2:30pm will reach your children, as they could be outside the classroom and difficult to reach.

We would also like to remind all our whānau, that our school day runs 9am to 3pm. We ask that you take all reasonable steps to ensure your children arrive promptly each day, ready to learn when the bell goes. Additionally early pickups should only happen in special circumstances or for appointments that could not occur outside of school hours. Reduced time in class can impact children's learning.


On Church Street, we have a dedicated pedestrian crossing, patrolled each day before and after school by our responsible road patrollers and their adult support. The speed limit in this area is 40km/hr. Cars should not exceed this speed and also be prepared to stop when approaching the crossing. When at a pedestrian crossing controlled by signs, it is not mandatory to stop unless the sign is out. Our students are trained to put the sign out when there is a gap in traffic or when people choose to stop.

It is also very important that if you are collecting your child from our Church St entrance you do not park on the yellow lines. Our road patrollers are unlikely to be able to see past your vehicle to check if the road is clear if you have parked over these.

Lets all work together to keep our tamariki safe on their way to and from our kura.

Tino rā nui/Important Dates

  • Friday 25 November-Tuesday 29 November - Book Fair
  • Wednesday 30 November - Friday 2 December - Rm 5 and 13 Camp
  • Wednesday 30 November - WPSSA Athletics
  • Thursday 01 December - Kapa Haka Festival at Whangarei Primary School
  • Friday 02 December - Orientation day at WIS for Yr 6 students
  • Monday 5 - Wednesday 7 December - Yr 6 Camp
  • Monday 5 December - Library closed now for Stocktake
  • Wednesday 14 December - Yr 6 Graduation
  • Friday 16 December - End of year Final Assembly. All welcome.
  • Monday 19 December - Final day of term 4

Reminders/Ngā manatu


The sun is popping its head out most days. A reminder to all parents that in Term 4 as well as Term 1, it is compulsory for our students to wear a hat when outdoors. As with all other items, we ask that this is named. We also strongly encourage the use of sunblock in these terms.


8:15am School gates open to students and whanau

9:00am School begins

11:00-11:30am 1st Play Break

1:30-2:00pm 2nd Play Break

3:00pm School finishes

3:15pm School gates close

There are two eating breaks within the day, taken at times that suit each class. Please ask your child's teacher when their times are. We would like to remind all whanau that during school hours, your child is expected to be present and learning. Where possible, we ask that appointments be scheduled outside of school hours, so as not to impact on your child's learning. We also ask that every effort is made to arrive at school in time for learning at 9am.


Medication: If your child requires medication to be brought or kept at school, please be aware that due to health and safety concerns, this must be kept secure in the school sick bay. It is not to be kept in children’s schoolbags during the day. This is to protect the safety of not only the child requiring the medication but also all other students. All medication requires an accompanying permission/approval form signed by their parent or caregiver. This includes epi-pens for allergy management, inhalers for asthma or any other medication your child requires on a short-term or as needed basis.

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Community Notices/Panui Hapori

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