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January 2020

What Happened This Month at Riverview Elementary School

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What is Assertion?

During the month of January, we focused on the letter 'A' in CARES - Assertion. Being assertive is a healthy way of communicating. It's the ability to speak up for ourselves and others in a way that is honest and respectful. At school, being assertive looks like:

  • getting an adult when needed
  • having the materials you need
  • asking someone for help
  • solving a problem
  • doing what's right

When talking about assertion, we specifically focused on the word 'upstander'. An upstander is:

  • someone who sees or understands when something is wrong and acts to make it right
  • when an upstander sees or hears about someone being hurt, they speak up
  • being an upstander is kind of like being a hero. We are standing up for what is right and doing our best to help support and protect someone who is being hurt.

During classroom lessons for assertion, we introduced your students to the word upstander. For all grade levels, we did the exact same lesson (a first for us!) to ensure that we were consistent with our message. We first read the book ‘One’ by Kathryn Otoshi - a simple example of what it means to be an upstander. Each student then decorated a washer (which represents an ‘O’ from the book ‘One’). We collected all washers, and students will have an opportunity to earn a washer back if someone nominates them for being an upstander. To nominate a peer, students will fill out an Upstander Shout Out Form, explaining what the student did to stand up for others. Completed washers will look something like the picture above, and will be attached to students’ backpacks after being nominated, showing that they have been identified as an upstander! Our goal is to help students find the courage to stand up for others, and by having a visual representation, students can see who has been given a washer and may feel empowered to be an upstander as well!
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Fifth Grade Career Fair

Farmington Area Public Schools hosted a Fifth Grade Career Fair on January 10th, 2020 at Farmington Elementary School. Fifth grade students attending Meadowview, North Trail, Akin Road, Riverview, and Farmington Elementary Schools participated in this event. We invited parents, guardians, relatives and family friends of Farmington Area Public School fifth graders to share their career experiences with some of our students - there were almost 70 presenters! Fifth graders were given time to visit tables and ask questions about their jobs (likes, dislikes, training required, etc.). This was a great opportunity for fifth graders to learn about the various career opportunities available right in our own community!

A special Thank You goes out to the parents, guardians, relatives and family friends of our Riverview Elementary School students who took time out of their busy day to volunteer!

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Fourth Grade Kindness Retreat

On Friday, January 24th, 2020 Riverview Fourth Grade students attended a Kindness Retreat that was led by Youth Frontiers. The retreat focused on creating a more positive school community and engaged students in a variety of activities that built students' empathy skills as well as taught safe ways to help prevent unkind actions. Some of the activities that the students participated in were:

  • Ships Ahoy
  • Soul Train
  • Small Group Discussions
  • Dancing
  • Singing Songs
  • Boomerang Pledges

We had a great group of volunteers from the Farmington High School National Honor Society as well as parents of our Riverview Fourth Grade Students. This event would not have been possible without their help. Thank you to all who volunteered!!

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RVES Global Citizenship Fair is Scheduled for March 18th

Different is great! At RVES, we honor the uniqueness of each individual. To help our learners see, understand and appreciate the differences in our school community, we are hosting a Global Citizenship Fair on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 9:00am - 1:30pm in the Gym at RVES.

Learners in grades 1-5 will visit the Fair with their classmates. Kindergarteners will participate in a special global-themed storytime with Mrs. Maguire from the Farmington Library. All learners can also add to our “Where My Family Is From” bulletin board in early March.

We want your family to be part of the Global Citizenship Fair!

There are many ways to participate before the event:

  • Send photos of your travels to different countries for our Going Places display
  • Send an object from your culture with a short description for our Museum of Culture
  • Send cultural clothing or fabric to be displayed in our Fashion Gallery
  • Tell us a story from your heritage, to be shared in our Heritage Voices display

We are also looking for volunteers to set up a display and visit with learners during the fair. We will provide table space for anyone interested in bringing photos, food, games, or cultural objects. We are especially interested in hands-on learning activities such as games, crafts, calligraphy or short language lessons.

A letter will be coming home with you child soon! Contact us if you want more information or to let us know you are interested in participating. Click on the link below for access to the letter that your child will be bringing home.

Game Time With the School Counselors

Congratulations to our winners from last month! Because their parents read our newsletter and correctly answered our trivia question, these kiddos were randomly picked for game time with the school counselors! Students joined Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe for games, popcorn, and music! Answer this month’s question and your student will have a chance to win game time next month!
Click Here to Access the Google Form

By filling out this quick form, your child(ren) can have a chance to win game time with Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe!!

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