Maple Room

Children at Work 11.30 - 12.4

A Brief Note:

To begin this newsletter, we'd like to thank you all for your continued support. It was lovely to see so many of you at the Gala this past Thursday. A wonderful time was had by all, and we feel confident that student inquiry will continued to be nurtured and facilitated in the most purposeful of ways here at Compass. Thank you again for your support.

Enjoy this week's display of student work, thinking, and interest.

Children Explore Natural Objects Before Print Making!

Writing: Nicola Davies as a Mentor

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Two weeks ago children celebrated their small moment writing alongside community members and friends. They read and shared their work with delight. They carefully placed it in a bin marked 'Maple Stories' following the celebration. It sits atop our peace table. Children visit it often to again experience their own stories, and explore those of others. Our stories are a valuable piece of our classroom library. We are authors.

Since, children have been exploring the craft of Nicola Davies. We've been experimenting with non-fiction writing, sharing what we know through pictures, words, diagrams, misshapen and squiggly words, boxes including tiny facts, and labels.

As part of our unit of study, we have been reading and rereading several of Nicola Davies' books. We are always on the look out for a new craft move we'd like to try on as writers. We been naming the craft move, deciding what it does, and asking ourselves why Nicola decided to use it.

Adults and other readers of this newsletter, how have others influenced your work? What inspires you?

Living Systems: What does it mean to be alive?

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This week, as part of our integrated unit of study, children were asked, "what does it mean to be alive?' In their own way, children used pictures and words to state their answers.

Living things breath.

Living things have rights and responsibilities.

Children also reflected upon what they already know and want to know about living things before paying a visit to Fort Greene Park to observe living and therefore, non-living things. We had a particularly wonderful discussion surrounding rocks, leaves, and the bark of an old pine.

After spending time in the park, children recorded their findings using pictures and labels in the classroom.


A play is coming your way. A NEW play is coming your way! Take a look at the set below.

Children have continued to explore our broken office equipment through engineering. They may be this close (thumb and index finger are placed very close together) to diagnosing the laminator.

Two children were also overheard saying this while disassembling the printer.

"...wait...wait...we're supposed to fix it, not kill it."

Candid Moments

Discovering Subtraction Strategies

Children have been solving subtraction story problems using a variety of strategies. Some children are using open number lines, thoughtfully counting forwards and backwards using steps and leaps). Other children are drawing symbolically to express their thinking, carefully drawing and organizing a set of objects on their page, and crossing a number out to express their subtraction work. Unifix cubes are used often to double check and inspire new strategies and work. Number sentences are being used as well to represent thinking.

Children have also been exploring a number of games throughout the week that help to support their understanding of subtraction.

It's beautiful to watch children inspire one another to think mathematically in new and helpful ways.

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Job: Meet Finn, Our Wordsmith

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When you see this young man, ask him about his work as a Maple Room Wordsmith.

Upcoming Field Trip:

We will be going to the Whitney museum on the 15th of December. We will also be paying a visit to the Highline following the museum considering we'll be so close. We will be leaving by 9:30 am, and would love to have several chaperones. If you'd like to join, please feel free to send an email, and we'll add you to the trip. We will be returning by 1:00.