The Road to Perseverance

Sam Garabedian - 5/31/2015

Why Perseverance?

What is perseverance exactly? Perseverance is the idea/act of not giving up and pushing through obstacles in a situation-- no matter how difficult or strenuous the situation may be. Eventually, everyone will come upon a situation their life where quitting seems like the best option. If one does quit something, whether it be basketball after not making the team, or acting after not making the musical, one will most likely regret the decision to quit in the future. It is possible that quitting something as a child may alter the course of the rest of one's life. Given these points, it's obvious that in any situation, choose to use perseverance.

Carry On: Dartanyon and Leroy

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Winston Churchill - A Biography

Winston Churchill is a successful and noble hard-working historical figure. He was born on November 30th, 1874 at his grandfather’s house in Blenheim Palace. His family-life was somewhat lonely. His parents traveled extensively and led busy social lives, so Winston spent most of his younger years with his nanny, Elizabeth Everest. In boarding school, he was known as a trouble-maker and was well liked. Throughout his life he has shown his intelligence, perseverance, and determination. For example, in 1877, 12-year-old Winston was accepted into the high-status Harrow School. In December 1894, Winston graduated college at the top of his class and was given commission as a cavalry officer, proving that Winston was an intelligent man. Winston fought in many battles, and also wrote many stories. He was even captured as a prisoner of war, which took a lot of perseverance to get through. Even though his days as a soldier, he is best known for being a political leader. 25-year-old Winston was determined to help make policy, not just follow it. Many years later, he would achieve ultimate success. On May 10th, 1940, King George VI asked Winston Churchill to become Prime Minister. Winston was a huge help for Great Britain during WW2. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in.” This quote proves and shows how Winston has strong perseverance and how he works hard. No matter what life gave to Winston to try to knock him down, he didn’t let it stop him. Winston Churchill has impacted the hearts of people using his words to depict his success and hard work.

Eleanor Roosevelt's "Road to Perseverance"

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Losing to Win

In the video “Losing to Win”, most of the girls that attend Carol Academy have miserable pasts because of unfortunate experiences that they were brought into. Some of these experiences include being abused by their parents, taking and trying to get rid of drugs and alcohol, living below the poverty line, having unemployed parents, and pushing through mental illnesses (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder, anger issues, etc.). The problem is that the Lady Jags have a 218 game losing streak. They are always frustrated and are probably disappointed in themselves because they are always losing. However, them losing wasn't an adversity. In fact, every time their team lost, it ended up bonding them together as a family. Also, if the girls hadn’t lost all of the games, they would not be as close as they are today. They learned to never give up, even if there is no chance in triumph, never give up. The Lady Jags stuck to the idea of perseverance, even if they didn’t like it at first. They used it to carry them out of Carol Academy and into success.

Jackie Robinson

Since there was racial segregation in the 1900s, African-Americans were not allowed to do the same things that whites were doing, and because of this, blacks couldn’t play in the MLB. The effects of this included blacks playing in separate, less professional, “Negro Leagues”. African-Americans and many whites wanted racial segregation gone and solved. As a result of this, Branch Rickey set up and performed a noble experiment in which Jackie Robinson could try and play in the MLB. Doing this, it would show that blacks could do the same things that whites could and cause no trouble doing it. If thousands people showed up to every game and saw Jackie Robinson playing with white teammates/opponents, then the people might reconsider their opinions towards African-Americans. Since most whites believed that blacks only wanted to cause trouble, this would be taking another step towards eliminating racial segregation all-together and giving African-Americans the liberty they deserved.

What Can We Learn From Others? (conclusion)

There are a lot of things we can learn from others' perseverance. One can really see how much people can accomplish with a little motivation. There are so many people that push on through the most difficult situations. Yeah, sometimes they fail. But, they get back up. They push on no matter how many adversities they may face along the way, along the road to perseverance.