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Last week snow days and this week a full moon. It seems we are having a hard time getting settled back in. Even so, we are plugging away at new topics. This week we looked at one of my favorite author/illustrators, Jan Brett. We compared two versions of The Mitten.

Next week we will begin our week discussing MLK and the influences he has still today. Wednesday we will begin our insect unit. We will focus on the ladybug, butterfly, and the bee and if they are harmful or helpful to the environment.

Please remember to discuss the lunch options with your child if they are hot lunch.

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Guided Reading- The kindergarten team meets weekly to plan, problem solve, and reflect. Much of our conversations end up talking about how we can meet each students needs. When we find ourselves discussing guided reading we often refer to the extensive training the district has provided and the Apprenticeship in Literacy class we took last year with our literacy coach. As kindergarten parents I want to stress to you the importance of easy, successful reading experiences. If we give books that students have to work too hard at reading, the main purpose of reading breaks down... meaning. Reading is much more than knowing what a word is. We teach reading like you talk, "how" to read punctuation, and comprehending what we just read. You can help at home by modeling all these things as you read to them.

Writing Workshop- WOW! I am amazed at how "readable" the stories are becoming. We have been focusing on spaces, punctuation, and upper/lowercase letters. We are starting to add more details to our stories to make them more interesting too!

Mark your calendars for February 13th! This is our annual Parent Literacy Night. This year we are adding math! You will be able to hear all about our curriculum and ways you can help your child at home.



How can we measure things? Does it matter how we measure things? What qualities of an object can I measure? These are just a few questions we asked this week. Our unit focuses on the comparison of objects in relation to their length, weight, and height. Key vocabulary terms are longer, shorter, taller, heavier, and lighter.

Upcoming Events

January 17- Teacher's Institute

January 21- MLK Day, No School

February 3- 100th Day of School (as long as there are no snow days)

February 13- Revolving Door, Parent Literacy and Math Night

Upcoming: Kindergarten sings the National Anthem at a High School Boys Basketball Game.