Technology News

Term 4 Week 7

Tech PD Session

When: Thursday afternoon @ 3:15pm
Where: 5/6C Classroom
What: This week I will demonstrate how to transfer photos and videos between ipads and computers using the SImple Transfer app. This is an efficient way to access student work samples made on an iPad and then have them ready to share on your class blog.

Apps to try

Literacy Resources

Grammar Monster

A comprehensive grammar site that covered punctuation, parts of speech, confused words and common mistakes. Definitions and examples are given and there are opportunities for students to take quizzes on topics. This site works well with the No Red Ink grammar quiz site.

Recipes to Good Writing

This nifty website has information on how to write a variety of text types, set out in recipe form. There are also checklists for students to use as well as scaffolds for writing each of the texts. Thanks to Patrick at St Andrews for this link.

Story Starter Clips

A collection of multimedia clips that are ideal for Year 1-6 to inspire story writing. They come from Teachers TV (which is now closed) but can be accessed from a number of sites including TES and I've also made a YouTube playlist. You can also check out 'The Academic Grid' YouTube page for more multimedia presentations. Check out one of the videos below.
Thanks Brenda!

Teachers TV-Story Writing - Seven Dramatised Clips

Mathematics Resources

NZ Maths - Figure it Out series

I've featured the NZ Maths website before because I think it is a wealth of outstanding resources. However, this week I'm including a direct link to their Figure It Out series. This series contains problem solving investigations, based on real life maths. While you cannot download the entire book for each stage, you can browse through the carousel and download and print out any activity sheets you find relevant.

The Mathematics Shed

The Literacy Shed now has a friend - The Mathematics Shed. Head there to find some videos to help teach some of your Maths concepts. It's only relatively new so resources are sparse atm. If it's anything like the Literacy Shed though it won't be long until it is overflowing in fantastic visual resources to help with your Maths program.

Maths Warriors

This UK site has downloadable and printable activities and charts, games, posters, loop cards and investigations. The investigations are a collection of printable PDF files that outline the investigation and indicate what stage it is most appropriate for.


The NRICH - Enriching Mathematics website has had a makeover. All the great games, puzzles, investigations and interactives are still there but in an easier to locate format. Be sure to head back over and check it all out. There's a section for students and one for teachers too!


National Geographic Mapping Interactive

This is a fabulous mapping interactive that allows students to view representations of various statistics on a worldwide scale e.g. populations density, human footprint, earthquakes, tempterature.
Ths site also allows students to use a measuring tool to locate distances between locations. Additionally there are drawing tools and markers for student sto place on maps. Each interactive map created is given an individual link so students can share their work.

Want to know more?

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